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UX Air Europa 05 November 2023
İstanbul Panama City 37,892 TL
UX Air Europa 24 November 2023
Brüksel Münih 4,312 TL
UX Air Europa 10 November 2023
Buenos Aires İstanbul 28,414 TL
UX Air Europa 29 January 2024
Havana İstanbul 22,632 TL
UX Air Europa 02 October 2023
لانزاروت، إسبانيا İstanbul 25,520 TL
UX Air Europa 14 October 2023
Lizbon Milano 2,952 TL
UX Air Europa 30 November 2023
Madrid Münih 5,615 TL
UX Air Europa 09 October 2023
Münih Porto 3,611 TL
UX Air Europa 21 November 2023
Panama City Tenerife 20,187 TL
UX Air Europa 24 January 2024
Paris Amsterdam 3,790 TL
UX Air Europa 20 February 2024
Porto Madrid 1,210 TL
UX Air Europa 08 June 2024
Santo Domingo İstanbul 24,312 TL
UX Air Europa 09 December 2023
Sao Paulo Ankara 30,206 TL

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Air Europa Flight Tickets FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

You can find all Air Europa flight tickets from the list that appears after choosing a route on flight ticket page.
If you have completed your membership, you will receive instant information about all active campaigns. In addition, if you use a mobile application, you will receive a notification directly on your phone. When these campaigns are active, you will be able to buy Air Europa flight tickets in valid date ranges and on routes that comply with the campaign conditions.
With a Air Europa flight ticket, you can go to Montevideo, Lanzarote, Cochabamba, Recife, Punta Cana major foreign cities.
The popular countries to which Air Europa airlines go are listed as Arjantin, Türkiye, Türkiye, Arjantin, Brezilya.
In general, the baggage policies of many airlines are the same. Air Europa airlines have a luggage limit of 23 kg for economy class and 32 kg for business class. You can take items with a maximum weight of 8 kg in the overhead baggage.
Firearms or non-firearms, scissors, pocketknife and other pointed items are not allowed in hand luggage.
You can reach Air Europa customer service from the contact numbers on their official website.
Check-In process of Air Europa flight Check-Infrom the page.
Hot / cold meals are served on international and transoceanic flights of Air Europa flights. It may vary depending on the flight time.

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