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The Cheapest Car Rental Prices on Bilet.com

Date Company Model Location Price
04.01.2024 Central Clio Atakum 431 TL
10.12.2023 Greenmotion Fiorino Kartal 629 TL
16.09.2024 Wish Egea Dalaman Havalimanı 676 TL
06.12.2023 Dmrcar Fiorino Tokat-Havalimanı 755 TL
06.12.2023 Rentgo Clio Kızılay 838 TL
29.12.2023 Rentgo Clio Nevşehir Kapadokya Havalimanı 838 TL
06.12.2023 Rentgo Clio Çukurambar 838 TL
10.12.2023 Rentgo Corsa Osmangazi 933 TL

Cars FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

With Bilet.com, which works directly with car rental companies, car rentals and payment methods are under full security. For this reason, you can rent a car reliably and besides, you can find the cheapest car rental price by viewing all companies.
In general, car rental companies offer daily, weekly and monthly service. However, annual and more services can be obtained in corporate services.
Car rental companies require a valid driver's license and identification from the renter. Some companies also require the lessor's credit card information.
The car rental company applies a certain amount of authorization to your credit card for the safety of the vehicle and its own safety. accident, etc. This amount is deducted in cases such as fuel shortages. When you return the vehicle in accordance with the specified rules, the full amount of the authorization is refunded.
Car rental companies usually offer compulsory traffic insurance for rented vehicles. This insurance is generally valid for cases such as accidents, theft or damage. However, some companies may offer additional insurance, so you can ask about insurance options at the time of rental.
In general, car rental companies deliver it completely full or with a certain amount of gasoline. They check this amount when receiving it back and ask for the same amount. The missing amount is delivered by deducting the amount from the provision.
At the beginning of the rental process, you select the location information where you will perform the car rental process from the options. You cannot pick up from a region that is not in the options.
You can deliver from the location you have chosen from the location information options to be delivered at the place of delivery or when making the rental process. You can see this information in the information in the sms, e-mail you receive and on the documents you receive.