Ankara Mersin Bus Ticket

Ankara - Mersin Bus Schedule

Min Price 350 TL
The Most Affordable Company Villa Turizm
Most Visited Company Villa Turizm
Average Number of Breaks 2
Approximate Travel Time 6 hours 0 minutes
Number of Daily Expeditions 67

Cheapest Ankara Mersin Bus Tickets

The bus journey between Ankara and Mersin takes 6 hours 0 minutes on average.

Date and time Expedition Duration Company Route Price
6 h Villa Turizm Ankara - Mersin 350 TL
6 h Villa Turizm Ankara - Mersin 350 TL
6 h Villa Turizm Ankara - Mersin 350 TL
6 h Villa Turizm Ankara - Mersin 350 TL
6 h Villa Turizm Ankara - Mersin 350 TL
5 h 30 min Lider İstanbul Ankara - Mersin 400 TL
5 h 30 min Lider İstanbul Ankara - Mersin 400 TL
5 h 30 min Lider İstanbul Ankara - Mersin 400 TL
6 h Villa Turizm Ankara - Mersin 400 TL
6 h Villa Turizm Ankara - Mersin 400 TL
5 h 30 min Lider İstanbul Ankara - Mersin 400 TL
7 h 15 min Özkaymak Ankara - Mersin 400 TL
6 h 15 min Köksallar Turizm Ankara - Mersin 400 TL
5 h Lider İstanbul Ankara - Mersin 400 TL
6 h 15 min Lüks Mersin Ankara - Mersin 400 TL

Popular Ankara to Mersin Bus Tickets

nigde-vip-turizm Niğde Vip Turizm 18 August 2024
Ankara İstanbul 600 TL
00:14 07:44
baskent-turizm Başkent Turizm 15 August 2024
Ankara İzmir 529 TL
11:00 19:00
nigde-vip-turizm Niğde Vip Turizm 26 July 2024
Ankara İstanbul (Anadolu) 600 TL
00:14 06:29
mis-amasya-tur Mis Amasya Tur 03 August 2024
Ankara Antalya 500 TL
22:00 05:30
ali-osman-ulusoy Ali Osman Ulusoy 26 July 2024
Ankara Bursa 500 TL
00:15 05:45
giresun-seyahat Giresun Seyahat 12 August 2024
Ankara Samsun 340 TL
23:59 06:00
lux-diyarbakir Lüx Diyarbakır 01 August 2024
Ankara Adana 400 TL
23:58 06:28
metro-turizm Metro Turizm 17 August 2024
Ankara Ordu 780 TL
08:00 17:00
cizre-nuh-itimat Cizre Nuh İtimat 10 August 2024
Ankara Gaziantep 1,000 TL
17:29 01:29
metro-turizm Metro Turizm 13 August 2024
Ankara Aydın 720 TL
23:00 09:30
metro-turizm Metro Turizm 27 July 2024
Ankara Trabzon 1,000 TL
21:45 09:15
pamukkale-turizm Pamukkale Turizm 29 July 2024
Ankara Muğla 900 TL
00:30 10:15
star-batman 05 September 2024
Antalya Mersin 350 TL
13:00 19:30
metro-turizm 28 September 2024
İstanbul Mersin 1,350 TL
20:30 10:00
metro-turizm 23 August 2024
Adana Mersin 500 TL
09:00 12:15
zumrut-turizm 05 August 2024
Gaziantep Mersin 400 TL
02:25 06:54
simsek-seyahat 27 July 2024
Ankara Mersin 650 TL
11:00 19:15
metro-turizm 01 September 2024
İstanbul (Anadolu) Mersin 1,200 TL
01:15 15:00
ozel-diyarbakir 12 August 2024
Diyarbakır Mersin 600 TL
09:00 17:30
ozel-diyarbakir 22 August 2024
Şanlıurfa Mersin 450 TL
11:30 17:30
oz-has-bingol 01 August 2024
Malatya Mersin 900 TL
13:00 23:15
isparta-petrol-turizm 30 July 2024
Konya Mersin 550 TL
02:45 06:30
mersin-villa-seyahat 30 July 2024
Kocaeli (İzmit) Mersin 1,050 TL
00:29 11:44
ali-osman-ulusoy 06 August 2024
Kayseri Mersin 500 TL
01:45 07:30

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Ankara - Mersin Expeditionary Bus Companies

Villa Turizm
Adıyaman Anka Turizm
As Adana Seyahat
As Mersin Turizm
Beydağı Turizm
Efe Tur
Has Karayolu
Köksallar Seyahat
Kontur Turizm
Lider İstanbul

Ankara Bus Terminals

Ankara Otogarı

About Ankara

Ankara , the capital of Turkey, is a city located in the Central Anatolia Region and in the center of Turkey. Ankara, the second most populous city, has become the city of state officials, university students and civil servants, with a population of 5 million 270 thousand people.

Ankara, which has been constantly developing since becoming the capital and has attracted investment in terms of industry, has a geographically large surface area. Two-thirds of the population works in the service sector. The most important universities in Turkey are located in Ankara, and METU, which has worldwide success, is also located in this city.

Ankara pan, Kızılcahamam and Beypazarı mineral water, Kavaklıdere and Kalecik Karası are known worldwide. Angora cat and Angora rabbit are also very famous. Beypazarı houses, festivals and museums are very important in the capital Ankara, the center of the country. Transportation to Ankara is provided from all over Turkey.

Transportation from Mersin Bus Terminal to the City Center


MEŞTİ, which is close to Mersin port and located in the Mediterranean center, is an area where easy transportation is provided to everywhere.

As in many cities, the city card, which is a practical solution, is used in public transportation in Mersin. You can find a city card everywhere. Kent cards can be purchased in areas such as bus terminals, city card sales points and bus stops, and can be refilled from many vending machines.

While you can choose public transportation to travel in the most economical conditions, you can also reach your desired destination with bus company services, taxis and minibuses.

Transportation to the City Center by Taxi

Bus station taxi can be called at (0324) 232 15 77. You can reach the place you want to go by walking to Akdeniz center or by calling a taxi from the bus station. Taxi fares are quite economical and there is no night tariff. However, in a remote town or
If you are going to the village, it would be appropriate to meet with the driver.

Transportation to the City Center by Bus

Buses 101 and 102 leave every 15 minutes. You can reach these vehicles using your city card.

There is a shuttle service from the bus station every 15 minutes. The last bus leaves around 23:30 and it is very easy to reach your destination in a short time thanks to the spacious traffic.

Transportation to the City Center by Shuttle

Some companies provide free shuttle service to Mersin districts. For this reason, you can learn details about the route and times by obtaining information about the shuttle service from the companies you travel with.

Transportation by Minibuses

While you can benefit from minibus and minibus services at the bus station, you can also find a minibus service in a short time after leaving the bus station. If you do not have a city card, you can travel by minibus. Minibuses provide passenger transport services to various routes
Ankara - Mersin Expeditionary FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
Between Ankara and Mersin usually takes 6 hours 0 minutes. However, this period may vary slightly due to breaks and similar factors.
Bus companies operating between Ankara Mersin Villa Turizm, Adıyaman Anka Turizm, As Adana Seyahat, As Mersin Turizm, Beydağı Turizm, Efe Tur, Efetur, Has Karayolu, Köksallar Seyahat, Köksallar, Kontur Turizm, Lider İstanbul are companies.
In order to buy the cheapest Ankara Mersin bus tickets, a route selection should be made from our bus page. After the selection is made, all companies and flight times will be listed. You can get the cheapest bus ticket from this list.
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