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About Istanbul

İstanbul otobüs bileti Istanbul , the city of seven hills, is one of the most populous and most beautiful cities in Turkey with its magnificent Bosphorus view. Istanbul, located on the Bosphorus side of the European and Anatolian sides, is a city that lives in all seasons.

Istanbul's population of 15 million and its historical structure, which combines different textures, attract the attention of local and foreign tourists. This city, which has millions of visitors every year and is visited by coastal tourists, is among the most popular cities in the world with its nightlife, enjoying tea and bagels on the ferry, and shopping.

In Istanbul, which is a metropolis, you can always find everything and you have many alternatives in terms of transportation. With these alternatives, you have the opportunity to escape from the heavy traffic of the city. There is direct bus transportation to Istanbul from every city and it has two bus terminals.

About Esenler Bus Terminal

Esenler Bus Terminal, located on the European side of Istanbul, is 15 km away from Taksim. At Esenler bus station, not only large companies but also local bus companies have offices. Esenler bus terminal, which you can reach at 0212 568 99 70, is located within the borders of Bayrampaşa district.

Esenler bus terminal, Turkey's third largest bus terminal, provides service with 324 bus companies in 168 offices. Esenler bus terminal is also known as 15 July Democracy Bus Terminal. Inside the bus station, there is the Cumhuriyet Mosque, designed with a different architecture.

There are many buffets and restaurants at the bus station. Therefore, you can meet your food needs from anywhere. It is also very close to Esenler center. Since there are many transportation options, you can go to different districts in a short time.

You can find Istanbul bus tickets since there are local bus companies. 6000 personnel work at the bus terminal, which has a usable area of 290 thousand square meters. It has a daily entry and exit capacity of 150 thousand buses. 793 workplaces are active at the bus terminal, which has a daily passenger capacity of 600 thousand people.

There are also many companies at the Istanbul bus terminal, such as a notary, PTT, watch repairman, market, butcher, printing house, insurer and glazier. So, you can find everything you are looking for at Istanbul Esenler bus terminal. In this bus terminal, which had a construction cost of 140 million dollars, you can find shops that can meet all your needs.

Transportation from Esenler (Bayrampaşa) Bus Terminal to the City Center

Transportation to the city center from the bus station, which is within walking distance of Esenler center, is quite versatile. It is a card pass system called Istanbul Card and transportation can be provided with this card in metro, metrobus, buses and ferries. You can use metro, metrobus, buses and ferries with the electronic ticket system called Istanbul Card. You can obtain your Istanbul Card from the vending machines at the entrance of the metro station.

Transportation to the City Center by Taxi

You can reach every point you want to go by taxi from the bus station taxi stand. To call a taxi from Yüzyıl taxi stand, you can contact 0212 629 14 85.

You can reach Merter, the nearest metrobus stop, very quickly and cheaply by taxi; You can continue your journey by public transportation from here.

Transportation to the City Center by Bus

Transportation to Taksim is provided by 83 O, which departs from the bus station. It is also possible to reach points such as Beşiktaş, Bakırköy and Aksaray by bus services from the bus station. You can find bus routes and schedules at .

Transportation to the City Center by Metro

You can get off at the Aksaray stop by metro at the bus terminal, take the Kabataş tram, and reach Taksim via the funicular system.

Esenler Bus Terminal Metro Station is located right in the middle of the Airport Yenikapı metro line. By metro, you can reach centers such as Merter, Bakırköy, Bahçelievler, Yenibosna, in the direction of the airport, and Topkapı, Fatih, Aksaray and Yenikapı in the direction of Yenikapı.

By metro, you can reach many points from Beylikdüzü to Söğütlüçeşme on the Anatolian Side by transferring to the metrobus at Şirinevler or Merter stops.

You can reach Kabataş by taking the tram from Topkapı or Aksaray stops, passing through Beyazıt, Eminönü and Karaköy, and from there you can easily go to centers such as Taksim, Beşiktaş and Levent.

Transportation to the City Center by Shuttle

Since most bus companies have shuttle services to centers such as Taksim, Beşiktaş, Levent, Bakırköy, Şirinevler, Avcılar and Beylikdüzü, you can benefit from free shuttle services. You can get detailed information about the services by calling the company you will be traveling with.

About Harem Bus Terminal

The bus terminal for the Anatolian side of Istanbul is provided from Harem bus terminal, which is very close to the center of Üsküdar. The bus station, which is the starting point of the D 100 highway, can be reached by ferry from Sirkeci.

The bus station, which is planned to be moved to Ataşehir and will be completed by 2018, generally has an area where local bus companies are located. The bus terminal, which has many restaurants and cafes, is in a central location with the Harem Hotel and large parks nearby.

It is possible to travel from Harem bus station to anywhere in Turkey by finding bus tickets from almost anywhere.

Transportation from Harem Bus Terminal to the City Center

It is possible to travel from the Anatolian side to the European side by metrobus, bus and sea.

Transportation by Ferry

The most direct way to reach the city center from the bus station is by ferry to Sirkeci. When you get off at Sirkeci, you can take the Kabataş tram, get off at the last stop and reach Taksim in 1 minute with the Taksim funicular system.

Transportation to the City Center by Bus

You can take the buses from Harem to Üsküdar, and you can take the buses from Üsküdar to Taksim. You can reach districts such as Üsküdar, Kadıköy, Pendik, Kartal and Taksim by bus.

Transportation to the City Center by Ferry

From Harem, you can go to Üsküdar pier with your bus company's free shuttle service, get on the Kabataş motorboats, and go to Taksim with the Kabataş funicular line. You can also reach Eminönü and Kabataş by sea from Üsküdar pier.
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The main bus companies operating İstanbul Abana Bozkurt Seyahat, Villa Turizm, Adıyaman Anka, Adıyaman Anka Turizm, Adıyaman Gülaras, Adıyaman Öz Gülaras Turizm, Adiyaman Ünal, Ağrı Kösedağı Turizm, Ağrı Seç Turizm, Ağrı Ses Turizm, Ağrı Tur, Ak Tur Turizm are companies.