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About Garenta Car Rental Company

Garenta is a company that provides daily, weekly or long-term car rental services in many locations in Turkey. Garenta, which offers many campaign and opportunity options as well as the most preferred brands, is ready to give you a unique driving experience by prioritizing customer satisfaction.

Garenta Car Rental Prices

When determining Garenta car rental prices, the brand and model of the vehicle are first taken into consideration. In addition, the insurance and guarantees offered as services to the tenant also determine the prices. In addition, the rental period is the factor that affects the prices the most. Car rental periods with Garenta are minimum 24 hours. Monthly car rentals are evaluated for a minimum of 23 days.
Garenta car rental prices include vehicle mileage limits. While the kilometer limit for economy and middle class vehicles is 500 per day and 4000 per month, the kilometer limit for SUVs, minibuses, Lux and Premium class vehicles is 300 per day and 3000 per month.
When renting a car, the customer is obliged to pay the security fee determined according to the brand of the vehicle. These amounts vary between 750 TL and 4250 TL. The guarantee amount is paid back to the tenant within 7 days after the delivery of the vehicle.

Garenta Car Rental Conditions

There are conditions that must be met by those who want to rent a car through Garenta. The renter and the additional driver, if any, must also meet the car rental conditions. The duration of the driver's license and the age criteria are factors in determining the rental of vehicles according to their groups.
The age criterion for the economy class is 20 and the minimum driver's license year is 1. The age criterion for renting Economy Plus and middle class vehicles is 23 and the minimum driver's license year is 2. For SUV and Full Size vehicles, it is sufficient for drivers and renters to have a 3-year driving license and be over 25 years old. For Premium and Lux vehicles, the driver's license period is 5 years and the minimum age is 30. In addition, tenants who purchase the 'Young Driver' service package have the right to rent a car at ages below the specified age limit.
At the time of delivery of the rented vehicle, the fuel level must be equal to the amount in which the vehicle was rented. When delivering a vehicle with a missing fuel tank, a service fee of the missing fuel fee and 40% of this amount is charged.
If the vehicle is delivered after the end of the rental period, certain amounts will be collected. In case of 2 hours late delivery, 1/3 of the daily car rental fee must be paid, and in case of 4 hours or more late delivery, the daily car rental fee must be paid.

Garenta Office and Communication

Garenta is ready to offer you the best service with its offices in many provinces of Turkey. The company, which has offices in many parts of Istanbul, also provides services at many points such as Antalya Airport, Ankara Esenboğa Airport domestic and international flights, Batman Airport, Adıyaman city center, Çanakkale and Diyarbakır. If you want to benefit from special campaigns and discounts at any time of the year, you can go to the nearest Garenta office or make a reservation from the website.

Garenta Communication
Phone: 444 5 478
Phone: 0216 656 26 00

Fatih Sultan Mehmet Mahallesi Balkan Caddesi No:58 Buyaka E Blok Tepeüstü / Ümraniye 34771 İSTANBUL
Garenta Car Rental Company FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
In general, as in all car rental companies, Garenta company also requires driver's license, identity card and credit card information.
Generally, the conditions are the same in all companies. In Garenta car rental company, it is to be 21 years old and over and to have a 2-year driver's license for standard vehicles.
All vehicles belonging to Garenta car rental company are covered by traffic insurance. Expenses incurred by the lessor with extra insurance may be covered by the rental company.
When renting a vehicle from Garenta company, 90% of the warehouse is given as full and it is requested to be returned in this way. However, in different cases, the level of the warehouse is noted in the rental document and received at that level.
Garenta is not delivered to any place other than car rental agencies. You can see the locations of Garenta company in the options that appear when renting a car.

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