Car Rental Manage Reservation

Car Rental Manage Reservation

On this page, where you can access the reservation information for your car rental, you can access the details by entering your reservation number and surname. By entering your information on the Car Rental Inquiry and Cancellation panel, you can access the information about the vehicle you have rented, date, time and pick-up location. In addition to querying the rented vehicle information, you can cancel your rental reservation and get a refund. In order to carry out all these transactions online, it is sufficient to enter your information in the relevant areas on this page, query it and follow the next steps.

What is a Reservation Number?

The reservation number is a series of numbers given to you when you pay for one of the vehicles by selecting the date, time, pickup and delivery location during the car rental phase. These numbers are specific to that reservation and the information inside includes the information you selected in the first stage.

If you do not remember or cannot reach your e-mail address and you have not received a message on your phone, you can contact us via e-mail address or contact form .

Major Car Rental Company Phones

Avis: 444 28 47
Sixt: 0850 2222 000
Budget: 444 4 722
Goldcar: 0212 900 89 05
Europcar: 0216 427 0 427
RentGo: 0216 379 82 82
Euronet: 444 22 07
Line: 444 11 83
Turmobil: 444 0 862
EkarGlobal: 0850 304 35 27

Points to Consider When Renting a Car

  • When you receive the vehicle, have it thoroughly inspected and check for any breaks, scratches, etc. that are not noted in the delivery documents. Note the problems.

  • When renting a car, make a note of the delivery location you have chosen and try not to be more than 30 minutes late from the delivery time.

  • If the vehicle's gas tank is given to you with a full tank, be sure to return it with a full fill.

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Car Rental Inquiry FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
All necessary information has been sent to the e-mail address and phone number you entered while making the reservation. If you cannot reach your e-mail address, you can check the messages sent to your phone. If you cannot reach them in any way, Call Center will gladly assist you.