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Hotel Reservation FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

After choosing your destination, check-in and check-out dates and the number of people, you can find the cheapest hotels in that area by sorting the list by price.
After entering the necessary information, you can make a reservation for the hotel by selecting the room that suits you by clicking the show rooms button from the list of hotels.
You can change your hotel information and reservation number (Pnr) by calling ticket.com customer service at 0850 450 99 88. You can make the cancellation and refund process by calling or online.
You can look at the pictures on the hotel's own page, see the services in the hotel information and features section, read the descriptions in the description section, or call the hotel from the hotel's phone number if you wish.
You can get directions with the map on the location screen on the page of the hotel you will book.