Flight Ticket Online Check-in

What is online check-in?

Online check-in is a service that allows our passengers, who have purchased their flight tickets, to perform the check-in procedures necessary for boarding the aircraft from anywhere on the internet. Who can use online check-in? All our passengers who have purchased their tickets can use this service on all flights that are open to online check-in service.

When is online check-in done?

Online check-in time varies according to airline companies. The online check-in time, which usually starts 24 hours before the flight, lasts up to 90 minutes before the flight.

How to do online check-in?

For online check-in, our passengers must click on online check-in along with the reservation number (PNR), name and surname written on the tickets they purchase. After clicking the button, our passengers will be directed to the page of the airline they will be flying from. Our passengers can complete their online check-in process from here, and they can also choose their seats from the plane's seating plan. However, it should be noted that some airline companies charge extra for seat selection.