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Date Company Departure Arrival Price
12.12.2023 Jetstar Asia Κουάλα Λουμπουρ Μελβούρνη 10,795 TL
12.12.2023 Tiger Airways Singapur Sidney 11,016 TL
13.01.2024 China Eastern Airlines Brisbane İstanbul 19,355 TL
01.01.2024 Malindo Airways Perth İzmir 26,812 TL
15.02.2024 Turkish Airlines Denizli Sidney 28,085 TL
30.12.2023 Turkish Airlines Ankara Sidney 28,285 TL
18.01.2024 Malindo Airways Dubai Melbourne 28,553 TL
14.12.2023 Turkish Airlines Samsun Sidney 29,369 TL

Sunshine Coast Flight Tickets FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

When you search for a flight ticket between the place of departure and Sunshine Coast, you can choose the most suitable one from the list of departures.
Currently, the most affordable Sunshine Coast flight ticket price is 10,795.07 TL.
Maroochydore Used on airport Sunshine Coast flights.

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