Havana - Cancun Flight Ticket

Havana - Cancun Flight Information

Min Price 22,929.92 TL
The Most Affordable Company Aeromexico
Most Flying Company Aeromexico
Cancun Local Time 07:47
Approximate Flight Time 1 hours10 minutes
Approximate Flight Distance 510 KM
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Most Popular Cancun Flights

AM Aeromexico 13 July 2024
Havana Cancun 22,930 TL
AA American Airlines 06 September 2024
Havana Santiago 13,904 TL
AM Aeromexico 13 July 2024
Havana Cancun 22,930 TL
LH Lufthansa 09 June 2024
İstanbul Cancun 25,394 TL

Havana Cancun Flight Ticket Prices

Havana Cancun flights take an average of 1 hours10 minutes.

Date Company Departure Arrival Price
13.07.2024 Aeromexico Havana Cancun 22,930 TL

About Havana

Havana is the capital of Cuba. It is also one of the provinces of the Republic of Cuba. The city, which has a very suitable climate for a holiday in the Caribbean, hosts a very high number of tourists annually. Since the climate of the city is tropical, the air temperature does not fall below a certain degree at all times of the year. When you decide to go to Havana, you can plan your trip without worrying about the weather. Havana will be a city you will enjoy traveling to with its unique nature, different streets, delicious cultural food, museums, interesting historical sites and friendly people. We recommend that you use taxis when traveling around the city.

Although taxi prices are quite affordable, we would like to point out that separate tariffs are applied for day and night. You can also use buses for transportation. This option will cause you to travel in a more crowded environment. However, there are many buses operating within the city. The bus will be a practical transportation choice, especially for going to the suburbs. Our website Bilet.com offers its customers the most suitable Havana flight ticket options so that you can visit this city to the fullest and tick another city off your travel list.

Places to Visit in Havana

There are many historical and natural beauties to visit in the city. You can create a travel plan for yourself by using our article where we provide brief information about these points. This way, you can spend your trip without getting lost and saving time.

The Revolution Museum and the Congress Building are buildings from very ancient times. These two buildings are located in an area in the center of the city where they share the same courtyard. You will witness an architecture you have never seen before with its different baroque style design. Since these buildings have been very well preserved and restored in recent years, they still preserve their beauty as they were on the first day.
Beverage manufacturing is a very popular industry in Cuba. Visiting the Havana Club Rum Factory, which has been producing rum for many years, will make a difference to your trip. You can join the tours organized in this factory, where the country's most famous rums are produced.

Revolution Square is one of the most well-known spots in the city. The iconic statues of Jose Marti and Che Guevara in the square attract a lot of attention from tourists. This square can get very crowded during the day. Our suggestion to you is to visit this square early or late in the day.
John Lennon Park, located in Vedado, is a huge park with magnificent nature. Even though there is greenery everywhere in the city, you can visit this park to get your fill of greenery and nature. This park, which is also frequented by city residents, hosts many people every day.

Havana Flight Ticket Prices

You can find detailed information about Havana flight flights and prices on our website Bilet.com. You can easily and safely buy your ticket for the date that suits you from our website. Thanks to our website where you can make online payments, you can buy a flight ticket with just a few clicks. The Havana flight ticket prices you can buy through our website are quite reasonable. You can be sure that you will not exceed your budget for transportation.

Havana is the capital of Cuba. It is among the information given that it is one of the largest cities of the Caribbean and Cuba and has a population of 2.2 million. The city has developed itself considerably in terms of trade and tourism. Especially when we look at the sources of income, we see that cigars, sugar cane and corn welcome us. In addition, it is also among the information given that there are many underground resources that enable the development of the industry. Since it was under the colonial rule of Spain, it is possible to see a Spanish breeze in some streets.

This city, which has a tropical climate, hosts many visitors throughout the year. Santa Maria Beach, located in the western part of the city, attracts a lot of attention. In addition, the Old Capital Building is one of the most important places to see. This place has been added to the world heritage list by UNESCO. It is possible to see traces of the locals thanks to trips organized to Habana Vieja or Vedado regions.

About Cancun

Cancun is a Mexican city in the state of Quintana Roo. It also attracts attention as a very popular holiday city. There are white sandy beaches in the coastal areas and it is a city flocked by nature lovers with its coral rocks and palm groves. There are more than 150 hotels in the city center and it hosts approximately four million tourists annually. These hotels offer special accommodation opportunities for different budgets. It is also the gateway to the Mayan Riviera region, another popular destination for tourists. There is also an international airport on the mainland of the city. With its L-shaped landforms, it is one of the most preferred destinations by tourists.
Havana - Cancun Flight Ticket FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
Air travel between Havana - Cancun takes approximately 1 hours10 minutes. Variability in weather conditions can lead to a change in flight time.
Flight tickets from Havana to Cancun are sold at the lowest 22,929.92 TL price.
While purchasing the first ticket, you can mark the Return button, or after purchasing one-way, you can re-enter the system and purchase the return tickets by examining the reverse route sign with the reverse route sign.
The average flight distance between Havana - Cancun is 510 KM.
When you search for flights between Havana and Cancun, all active companies and flight times on the date you entered are listed. You can find the cheapest flight tickets by sorting this list by price.
The most frequently used airline companies from Havana to Cancun are generally Aeroenlaces Nacionales, G2 Switch Works, Aviation Starlink, Aeromexico, United Airlines, Delta Air Lines, American Airlines are companies.
Between Havana - Cancun Cancun, Jose Marti Intl airports are used.
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