Gaziantep Batman Bus Ticket

Gaziantep - Batman Bus Schedule

Min Price 490 TL
The Most Affordable Company Has Diyarbakır Seyahat
Most Visited Company Has Diyarbakır Seyahat
Average Number of Breaks 2
Approximate Travel Time 7 hours 30 minutes
Number of Daily Expeditions 65

Cheapest Gaziantep Batman Bus Tickets

The bus journey between Gaziantep and Batman takes 7 hours 30 minutes on average.

Date and time Expedition Duration Company Route Price
7 h 30 min Has Diyarbakır Seyahat Gaziantep - Batman 490 TL
7 h 30 min Has Diyarbakır Seyahat Gaziantep - Batman 490 TL
6 h 45 min Has Diyarbakır Seyahat Gaziantep - Batman 490 TL
5 h 30 min Has Diyarbakır Seyahat Gaziantep - Batman 490 TL
6 h 30 min Has Diyarbakır Seyahat Gaziantep - Batman 490 TL
5 h 15 min Has Diyarbakır Seyahat Gaziantep - Batman 490 TL
5 h 45 min Has Diyarbakır Seyahat Gaziantep - Batman 490 TL
7 h Has Diyarbakır Seyahat Gaziantep - Batman 490 TL
5 h 30 min Has Diyarbakır Seyahat Gaziantep - Batman 490 TL
5 h 45 min Best Van Turizm Gaziantep - Batman 500 TL
7 h Vangölü Turizm Gaziantep - Batman 500 TL
6 h 30 min Özlem Batman Turizm Gaziantep - Batman 500 TL
6 h 30 min Best Van Turizm Gaziantep - Batman 500 TL
6 h 30 min Star Diyarbakır Gaziantep - Batman 500 TL
6 h 30 min Star Diyarbakır Gaziantep - Batman 500 TL

Popular Gaziantep to Batman Bus Tickets

cizre-nuh-itimat Cizre Nuh İtimat 01 July 2024
Gaziantep Ankara 650 TL
18:30 11:30
ozel-diyarbakir Özel Diyarbakır 10 July 2024
Gaziantep Adana 230 TL
14:15 16:30
zumrut-turizm Zümrüt Turizm 01 July 2024
Gaziantep Mersin 300 TL
04:00 08:29
luks-batman-seyahat Lüks Batman Seyahat 21 June 2024
Gaziantep İstanbul 1,100 TL
19:00 11:30
luks-batman-seyahat Lüks Batman Seyahat 25 June 2024
Gaziantep Antalya 935 TL
17:30 07:00
zumrut-turizm Zümrüt Turizm 21 June 2024
Gaziantep İzmir 1,000 TL
18:30 06:30
ozel-diyarbakir Özel Diyarbakır 03 August 2025
Gaziantep Diyarbakır 500 TL
02:30 06:30
cizre-nuh-itimat Cizre Nuh İtimat 26 July 2024
Gaziantep Sakarya 700 TL
18:30 15:30
deveci-nazar-turizm Deveci Nazar Turizm 28 June 2024
Gaziantep İstanbul (Anadolu) 780 TL
15:16 06:16
zumrut-turizm Zümrüt Turizm 29 June 2024
Gaziantep Şanlıurfa 200 TL
01:00 02:30
lux-diyarbakir Lüx Diyarbakır 01 July 2024
Gaziantep Kocaeli (İzmit) 1,200 TL
18:30 08:45
yeni-diyarbakir-seyahat Yeni Diyarbakır Seyahat 24 June 2024
Gaziantep Konya 800 TL
04:01 14:01
yeni-diyarbakir-seyahat 30 June 2024
Mersin Batman 850 TL
15:01 03:01
star-diyarbakir 30 June 2024
Adana Batman 800 TL
15:30 02:00
yeni-diyarbakir-seyahat 19 June 2024
Gaziantep Batman 500 TL
02:29 09:59
luks-batman-seyahat 20 June 2024
İstanbul Batman 1,500 TL
13:30 11:30
luks-batman-seyahat 22 June 2024
Antalya Batman 1,300 TL
13:00 09:00
yeni-diyarbakir-seyahat 20 June 2024
Osmaniye Batman 1,000 TL
01:00 09:30
luks-batman-seyahat 28 June 2024
Ankara Batman 1,300 TL
16:44 07:44
best-van-turizm 25 June 2024
Bitlis Batman 600 TL
01:10 04:30
metro-turizm 04 July 2024
Konya Batman 1,200 TL
12:00 02:30
can-diyarbakir-turizm 29 June 2024
Düzce Batman 1,800 TL
14:45 11:00
vangolu-turizm 20 June 2024
Şanlıurfa Batman 400 TL
00:29 04:44
siirt-petrol 27 June 2024
İstanbul (Anadolu) Batman 1,500 TL
13:30 08:00

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Gaziantep - Batman Expeditionary Bus Companies

Best Van
Best Van Turizm
Bitlis Taç Turizm
Can Diyarbakır Turizm
Çiçek Diyarbakır
Ercis Sema
Has Diyarbakır
Has Diyarbakır Seyahat
Lider Siirt Turizm
Lüks Batman
Metro Turizm
Öz Diyarbakır

Blog Posts About Batman

Gaziantep - Would you like to travel Batman by plane?

About Gaziantep

Gaziantep, one of the most populous cities in Turkey and famous for its rich cuisine, is the favorite of the Southeastern Anatolia Region.

This city, which is a highly developed metropolitan city in terms of industry, has a large share in exports. Ease of transportation facilities and development in the field of industry have made the region a rising value. The most important agricultural product is Pistachio and there is also the Pistachio Research Institute.

Turkey's largest industrial site is located in Gaziantep. There are three large shopping malls in the region and it has always been economically developed. Antep has a world-class successful cuisine with its pistachio baklava, 300 types of local food and delicacies consisting of meat products.

Gaziantep, which is also developed in handicrafts, was included in the Creative Cities Network in the Gastronomy category in 2015.

Transportation from Batman Bus Terminal to the City Center


If you want to take advantage of the most affordable bus ticket campaigns and visit this different city, you can reach the city center and other centers free of charge from the bus station. However, if you do not receive shuttle service, you can also reach there by taxi and public buses.

Batman is a city where transportation costs are economical. Public transport fares are economical and taxi fares can also be optimized by bargaining. Some taxi drivers may also charge a return fee to the bus station. Therefore, it would be appropriate to take precautions.

Transportation by public transportation is more preferred, and after going to the center, you can continue your journey by bus or minibus, depending on which route you want to take. There is no traffic problem throughout Batman and you can go everywhere at any time of the day.

Transportation to the City Center by Taxi

You can reach the taxi stands serving at the bus terminal by calling 0532 677 61 56. It would be appropriate to decide the taxi fares by discussing with the driver. Because fares above the taximeter may be requested.

Some taxi drivers apply a single price to the city center and therefore center fares can be determined as fixed.

Transportation to the City Center by Bus

The public transportation required to reach the city center from Batman bus station can be provided by Batman public buses.

Buses that you can take to the center to reach certain routes pass every 20 minutes and are determined in accordance with the bus schedules. You can reach your destination in a short time by bus, and since there are not many traffic problems, you will have to wait.
you won't stay.

Transportation to the City Center by Shuttle

Many bus companies have shuttle services to Batman center. You can learn what you need to benefit from this service from your bus company and get information about service hours and routes.

Transportation by Minibuses

City minibuses provide transportation from the bus station to the city center and from the city center to the bus station. Minibuses have certain hours and they run every 15 minutes between these hours.

You can reach the city center by all vehicles and reach all Batman districts and villages from the center. Batman is a small city and it is possible to reach everywhere in a short time.
Gaziantep - Batman Expeditionary FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
Between Gaziantep and Batman usually takes 7 hours 30 minutes. However, this period may vary slightly due to breaks and similar factors.
Bus companies operating between Gaziantep Batman Best Van, Best Van Turizm, Bitlis Taç Turizm, Can Diyarbakır Turizm, Çiçek Diyarbakır, Ercis Sema, Has Diyarbakır, Has Diyarbakır Seyahat, Lider Siirt Turizm, Lüks Batman, Metro Turizm, Öz Diyarbakır are companies.
In order to buy the cheapest Gaziantep Batman bus tickets, a route selection should be made from our bus page. After the selection is made, all companies and flight times will be listed. You can get the cheapest bus ticket from this list.
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