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Artvin Local Time 01:44
Approximate Flight Time 40 minutes
Approximate Flight Distance 140 KM
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Transportation from Erzurum City Center to Erzurum Airport

Erzurum Airport, located in Aziziye district, is 14 km away from the city center. It is the 4th largest airport in Turkey. It organizes both domestic and international flights. It has its own parking lot with a capacity of 530 vehicles.
  • Full address: Çiftlik, Erzurum Airport Road, 25050 Yakutiye/Erzurum

Transportation by Private Vehicle

With your own private vehicle, you can reach the airport in approximately 20 minutes from the city center by driving towards Çiftlik via Kars Erzincan Road / D100 highway.

Parking Fees
Vehicle Type 0-1 hour 1-3 hours 3-6 hours 6-12 hours 12-24 hours Subscription Fee
Car 30 TL 35 TL 45 TL 55 TL 80 TL 225 TL

Transportation by Bus

You can go from the airport to the city center in approximately 30 minutes with various buses that run every day of the week depending on the landing time of the planes.
  • You must use Kardelen Card when using public transportation. You can get these cards from the bus driver.
The route is as follows:
Station Square – Gez District – Hastanesi Street – Vocational High School for Girls – Municipality – Terminal Street – Erz. Bş. Bld. Municipal Sports Facilities – Erzurum Technical University – Auto Terminal – Airport
Line From where to where stops
K4 City Center - Airport Cemetery Dispatch Administration, Eminiyet Toki, Highways, Menderes Street, Gürcükapı, Gez District, Hospitals Street, Municipality, Airport Road
K10 Erzurum Technical University- Hilalkent Hilalkent Dispatch Administration, Tortum Road, Edip Somunoğlu, Şükrüpaşa, Çaykur Street, Doğu TV, Hastanesi Street, Airport Road
M11 Farm - Station Station, Gürcükapı, Gez District, Hastanesi Street, Municipality, Airport road
  • You can also go to the airport by using the special services of many airline companies. They organize flights according to flight schedules every day of the week.
pegasus Anadolu Jet Turkish Airlines sunexpress

Transportation by Taxi

You can reach the airport in approximately 20 minutes by taking a taxi in your area. Approximate cost is 300 TL. Prices may vary.
From where To where Fee
bus station Erzurum Airport 240 TL
Station Erzurum Airport 280 TL
Ataturk University Erzurum Airport 260 TL
The mall Erzurum Airport 200 TL
Organized industrial Zone Erzurum Airport 240 TL
Palandöken Hotels Region Erzurum Airport 620 TL
Yakutiye Madrasa Erzurum Airport 300 TL
Rustem Pasha Bazaar Erzurum Airport 378 TL
The double minaret madrasah Erzurum Airport 306 TL
Aziziye (Ilıca) Thermal Springs Erzurum Airport 120 TL
Kazım Karabekir Cad. Hotels Zone Erzurum Airport 260 TL
City Center District Erzurum Airport 282 TL

Rent a car

You can travel comfortably with a vehicle that is completely yours. Depending on some routes, it may even be more affordable than taxi prices. It is up to you to choose your vehicle as you wish for this trip. With , you can reach all vehicle models and car rental companies. Since the Erzincan Airport location is selected on the Erzurum Airport Car Rental page, you can rent it by simply selecting the date and vehicle model.

Transportation with Transfer Service

When you land at Erzurum Airport , you can get to your destination (not always for landing, but for those who go from home: when you want to go to Erzurum Airport, to your location) by getting Vip Transfer Service. The transfer, which is very advantageous especially for crowded transportation, provides you with easy and comfortable transportation. For Vip Transfer Service , you can see Shuttle, Vito, Transporter and similar vehicles and their prices on the Transfer page.
Erzurum - Artvin Flight Ticket FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
Air travel between Erzurum - Artvin takes approximately 40 minutes. Variability in weather conditions can lead to a change in flight time.
While purchasing the first ticket, you can mark the Return button, or after purchasing one-way, you can re-enter the system and purchase the return tickets by examining the reverse route sign with the reverse route sign.
The average flight distance between Erzurum - Artvin is 140 KM.
When you search for flights between Erzurum and Artvin, all active companies and flight times on the date you entered are listed. You can find the cheapest flight tickets by sorting this list by price.
The most frequently used airline companies from Erzurum to Artvin are generally Türk Hava Yolları, Pegasus, Anadolu Jet, SunExpress are companies.
Between Erzurum - Artvin Erzurum, Hopa airports are used.
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