What to Eat in Artvin?

Artvin is a city where you can taste the most delicious examples of Black Sea cuisine. The unique local flavors of the region and the classics of the Black Sea cuisine are waiting for you in Artvin. Artvin cuisine is also very rich and diverse. Some flavors specific to Artvin are:

List of What to Eat in Artvin

Artvin is a city located in the Black Sea region of Turkey, known for its natural beauties, historical buildings and rich cultural heritage. Artvin and its surroundings are also famous for their delicious dishes that bear the influence of Turkish and Georgian culinary cultures. Here are some special flavors you can taste in Artvin:

Muhlama (Kuymak)

artvin muhlama kuymak
Muhlama (Kuymak), a very popular flavor in Artvin, is one of the indispensable foods of the Black Sea region. It is basically prepared using corn flour, butter (or cream) and a special type of cheese, "kolot" cheese. These three ingredients are cooked until the consistency becomes dense and elastic. According to some, the bottom is attached and hardened on purpose. Muhlama is served hot and although it is generally preferred for breakfast, it is a flavor that can be consumed at any time of the day.

Laz pastry

artvin laz pastry
Laz Böreği, one of the most famous desserts of Artvin cuisine, is also one of the indispensable desserts of the Black Sea region. It is traditionally prepared with phyllo or filo dough, a rice pudding-like pudding filling, and sherbet. This dessert is a delicious delicacy served especially on special occasions, holidays and to visitors to the region.


artvin kalaco
Belonging to the Artvin region, "Kalaco" (or sometimes known as "Kalako") is a lesser-known but original dish that reflects the traditional culinary culture of the region. Kalaco is made especially in Artvin and its surroundings. Kalaco's basic ingredients include strained yoghurt, molasses, corn flour, cheese and butter. This trio is a frequently encountered combination in the local cuisine, and like many Black Sea dishes, Kalaco consists of a rich and satisfying combination of these ingredients.

Yogurt Silor

artvin yoghurt silor
Yoghurt Silor, one of the unique flavors of Artvin cuisine, is a dish made of thin strips of dough rolled and folded, topped with yoghurt and garlic sauce. Ingredients include chili pepper, ground pepper, garlic, yoghurt, butter and silor noodle dough.

Rice with Anchovy

artvin anchovy rice
Anchovy Pilaf, one of the most famous dishes of Artvin and the Black Sea region in general, is known for its taste and unique structure. The basis of this dish is fresh anchovies and rice. Anchovies are arranged under the pan or baking dish to surround the rice. Pre-prepared rice pilaf enriched with various spices is added on top. Then the rice is covered with anchovies again and cooked in this way.

Anchovy Meatballs

artvin anchovy meatballs
Having an important place in Artvin cuisine, Anchovy Meatballs are a different way of using the abundant anchovy fish of the Black Sea. This dish is prepared by removing the bones of anchovies and finely pulling or pounding the fish meat. The resulting anchovy meat is usually mixed with finely chopped onion, corn flour, eggs and various spices. Meatball shapes are formed from this mixture and cooked by frying in oil.

Bread with anchovy

artvin anchovy bread
Anchovy Bread is created by placing cleaned and filleted anchovies on thinly rolled out bread dough, enriching them with additional ingredients such as various spices, onion or sometimes parsley and baking them in the oven. This delicious dish is a practical and satisfying option that is made frequently, especially during seasons when anchovies are abundant. Anchovy Bread is basically prepared by combining anchovies with bread dough and baking them in the oven.

Lenger Kebab

artvin lenger kebab
Lenger Kebab, one of the original dishes of Artvin cuisine, is one of the traditional flavors of the region. This kebab is a local specialty that is frequently made in restaurants and homes in and around Artvin. The preparation and presentation of Lenger Kebab may vary from region to region, but it is basically based on cooking meat marinated with delicious and aromatic spices together with vegetables.

Kale Wrap

artvin black cabbage roll
Black Cabbage Roll, one of the most characteristic dishes of Artvin and the Black Sea region in general, is known for both its taste and health benefits. This dish is prepared by wrapping the mixture inside kale leaves. The stuffing usually contains rice, minced meat, onion and various spices. In vegetarian versions, more grains and sometimes local nuts such as walnuts or hazelnuts can be used instead of meat.


artvin corn bread
Cornbread is a traditional type of bread made from corn flour. This bread has been considered an important food source for many years in the high-altitude villages of the region and in areas where corn grows abundantly. Cornbread is still prepared using traditional methods, especially in rural areas, and is often served alongside local dishes. Cornbread is made using entirely cornmeal and usually no leavening agents such as yeast or baking powder are added.


artvin kayana
Kaygana is a dish similar to an omelette or pancake. Although it varies depending on local differences, it is basically prepared by combining eggs, flour and milk and can be flavored in various ways. The breakfast dish, which has a consistency somewhere between an omelet and a pancake, can be flavored by adding dill or parsley.

Kete with Walnuts

artvin walnut kete
Walnut Kete is a type of pastry that is frequently made in this region, known for its abundance of walnuts, and can be prepared sweet or salty. This delicious and layered pastry is frequently preferred on special occasions, holidays and hosting guests. Kete with Walnuts is a type of food made from a soft and layered dough and sprinkled with plenty of roasted walnuts.

Roasted Pickles

artvin roasted pickles
Roasted Pickles is a local delicacy and is a popular dish especially in this region where pickles are consumed abundantly. Pickle Kavurması is a dish with a sour and spicy taste, prepared by roasting pickles. It is generally preferred for those looking for a hot meal during the winter months, with the refreshing sourness of the pickle. Pickles are roasted with onion, garlic and olive oil or butter.

Beetroot Dish

artvin beet dish
Beetroot Dish is a healthy and delicious option. Since beet is a vegetable rich in iron, vitamins and minerals, local people often prefer this dish. Beetroot Dish is a nutritious and colorful dish prepared with the unique sweet flavor of beetroot. A rich flavor is achieved by adding onions, garlic and sometimes tomatoes or tomato paste to the dish.


artvin pushal pushal
Pushal, also known as "Puşal" in Artvin, is a food made with stale bread. It is a practical and delicious solution created to prevent waste in regional cuisine and to reuse stale bread. It basically consists of stale pieces of bread soaked in molasses, combined with butter and sometimes eggs and cooked. Sprinkle cheese on top. It can also be flavored by decorating it with greens.
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