Şırnak Diyarbakır Bus Ticket

Şırnak - Diyarbakır Bus Schedule

Min Price 350 TL
The Most Affordable Company Öz Doğu Kars
Most Visited Company Öz Doğu Kars
Average Number of Breaks 2
Approximate Travel Time 4 hours 30 minutes
Number of Daily Expeditions 20

Cheapest Şırnak Diyarbakır Bus Tickets

The bus journey between Şırnak and Diyarbakır takes 4 hours 30 minutes on average.

Date and time Expedition Duration Company Route Price
4 h 30 min Öz Doğu Kars Şırnak - Diyarbakır 350 TL
5 h Özlem Cizre Nuh Şırnak - Diyarbakır 400 TL
5 h Özlem Cizre Nuh Şırnak - Diyarbakır 400 TL
4 h 44 min Özlem Cizre Nuh Şırnak - Diyarbakır 400 TL
5 h Özlem Cizre Nuh Şırnak - Diyarbakır 400 TL
5 h Özlem Cizre Nuh Şırnak - Diyarbakır 400 TL
4 h 40 min Özlem Cizre Nuh Şırnak - Diyarbakır 400 TL
5 h Özlem Cizre Nuh Şırnak - Diyarbakır 400 TL
5 h Özlem Cizre Nuh Şırnak - Diyarbakır 400 TL
4 h 40 min Özlem Cizre Nuh Şırnak - Diyarbakır 400 TL
6 h Özlem Cizre Nuh Şırnak - Diyarbakır 400 TL
6 h Özlem Cizre Nuh Şırnak - Diyarbakır 400 TL
5 h 31 min Özlem Cizre Nuh Şırnak - Diyarbakır 400 TL
5 h 15 min Mardin Seyahat Şırnak - Diyarbakır 425 TL
5 h 15 min Mardin Seyahat Şırnak - Diyarbakır 425 TL

Popular Şırnak to Diyarbakır Bus Tickets

zumrut-turizm Zümrüt Turizm 30 June 2024
Şırnak Gaziantep 640 TL
09:54 17:54
dilmenler-mardin-seyahat Dilmenler Mardin Seyahat 23 June 2024
Şırnak Adana 1,100 TL
07:00 19:25
cizre-nuh-itimat Cizre Nuh İtimat 20 July 2024
Şırnak Mersin 950 TL
08:00 18:00
zumrut-turizm Zümrüt Turizm 12 July 2024
Şırnak Mardin 300 TL
08:54 12:24
cizre-nuh-itimat Cizre Nuh İtimat 22 June 2024
Şırnak İstanbul 1,500 TL
09:30 09:15
ozlem-cizre-nuh Özlem Cizre Nuh 24 June 2024
Şırnak Diyarbakır 600 TL
08:00 12:30
cizre-nuh-itimat Cizre Nuh İtimat 31 July 2024
Şırnak Antalya 1,300 TL
08:55 02:55
cizre-nuh-itimat Cizre Nuh İtimat 25 June 2024
Şırnak Ankara 1,500 TL
10:31 01:31
dilmenler-mardin-seyahat Dilmenler Mardin Seyahat 21 June 2024
Şırnak Şanlıurfa 700 TL
07:00 13:50
zumrut-turizm Zümrüt Turizm 28 June 2024
Şırnak İzmir 1,700 TL
09:54 07:39
ozlem-cizre-nuh Özlem Cizre Nuh 21 June 2024
Şırnak Kayseri 1,400 TL
15:00 04:15
cizre-nuh-itimat Cizre Nuh İtimat 03 July 2024
Şırnak Osmaniye 1,000 TL
08:56 17:56
yeni-diyarbakir-seyahat 28 June 2024
Mersin Diyarbakır 800 TL
15:01 00:31
lux-diyarbakir 03 July 2024
Adana Diyarbakır 700 TL
02:01 10:01
vangolu-turizm 28 June 2024
Şanlıurfa Diyarbakır 300 TL
00:29 02:59
ozel-diyarbakir 03 August 2025
Gaziantep Diyarbakır 500 TL
02:30 06:30
luks-batman-seyahat 30 June 2024
Antalya Diyarbakır 1,235 TL
13:00 07:10
ozel-diyarbakir 24 June 2024
Ankara Diyarbakır 1,300 TL
00:50 14:50
ozel-diyarbakir 28 June 2024
İstanbul Diyarbakır 1,500 TL
13:00 10:30
dogus-diyar-birlik-turizm 13 August 2024
Elazığ Diyarbakır 250 TL
06:30 09:00
best-van-turizm 27 June 2024
Bitlis Diyarbakır 700 TL
01:25 06:00
cizre-nuh-itimat 01 July 2024
Malatya Diyarbakır 800 TL
00:30 04:30
luks-batman-seyahat 15 July 2024
İzmir Diyarbakır 1,500 TL
14:25 11:55
luks-batman-seyahat 26 June 2024
Sakarya Diyarbakır 1,500 TL
17:00 11:30

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Şırnak - Diyarbakır Expeditionary Bus Companies

Can Diyarbakır Turizm
Çiçek Diyarbakır
Cizre Nuh İtimat
Lüx Dİyarbakır
Mardin Seyahat
Midyat Güneydoğu Seyahat
Öz Doğu Kars
Özel Diyarbakır
Özlem Cizre Nuh
Tokat Yıldızı Seyahat
Yeni Mardin Seyahat

Şırnak - Would you like to travel Diyarbakır by plane?

About Sirnak

Şırnak, the city of Noah, is one of the provinces of the Southeastern Anatolia Region. Since there are many terrorist conflicts throughout the city, it is not among the most preferred areas for tourists in terms of tourism.

However, it has a very important location in terms of history. Cizre Ulu Mosque, where the Dragon Door Knocker is located, Noah's Tomb, Red Madrasa, Mir Abdal, Cudi Mountain are among the important historical centers. However, terrorist incidents in the region have not only hindered the development in terms of tourism, but also caused it to always remain in the background in economic terms.

People who go to the Şırnak region to do their national duty or to visit their hometown always prefer the bus terminal in the region for transportation. Transportation to Şırnak and other Southeastern provinces is easy.

It is said that there are still remains of the ship on Mount Cudi, which is thought to be the place where Noah's Flood ended. Şırnak was a very interesting place in the pre-terror period with its Çağlayan Church, Virgin Mary Church and Nevruz celebrations.

Today, there is very little transportation traffic, and although the population of the city increases, the population remaining in the workforce is low due to migration.

In the region, which lived on agriculture and animal husbandry, meat products, bulgur pilaf and celebrations such as the Lamb Shearing Festival and the Province Becoming Ceremony were held.

Transportation from Diyarbakır Bus Terminal to the City Center


It is very easy to reach the city center from Diyarbakır bus terminal. For the most affordable bus ticket, you can purchase tickets from local bus companies in nearby cities.

You can use municipal buses, public buses and minibuses to reach Diyarbakır bus terminal.

Transportation to the City Center by Bus

In Diyarbakır, you can easily reach the bus terminal with municipal and public buses. You can use the Diyarbakır city card, which is valid for the buses that you can reach in the most economical way. You can take any public transportation vehicle you want with these electronic tickets, which you can obtain from terminals and bus stops.

Transportation to the City Center by Shuttle

Bus companies generally provide free shuttle services to the city centre. For this reason, you can clearly learn about the service from the bus company you receive service from.

Transportation by Minibuses

You can easily reach the city center with minibuses and minibuses departing from the bus station.
Şırnak - Diyarbakır Expeditionary FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
Between Şırnak and Diyarbakır usually takes 4 hours 30 minutes. However, this period may vary slightly due to breaks and similar factors.
Bus companies operating between Şırnak Diyarbakır Can Diyarbakır Turizm, Çiçek Diyarbakır, Cizre Nuh İtimat, Lüx Dİyarbakır, Mardin Seyahat, Midyat Güneydoğu Seyahat, Öz Doğu Kars, Özel Diyarbakır, Özlem Cizre Nuh, Tokat Yıldızı Seyahat, Yeni Mardin Seyahat are companies.
In order to buy the cheapest Şırnak Diyarbakır bus tickets, a route selection should be made from our bus page. After the selection is made, all companies and flight times will be listed. You can get the cheapest bus ticket from this list.
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