Muğla İstanbul Bus Ticket

Muğla - İstanbul Bus Schedule

Min Price 799 TL
The Most Affordable Company Renk İstanbul Turizm
Most Visited Company Renk İstanbul Turizm
Average Number of Breaks 2
Approximate Travel Time 8 hours 25 minutes
Number of Daily Expeditions 174

Cheapest Muğla İstanbul Bus Tickets

The bus journey between Muğla and İstanbul takes 8 hours 25 minutes on average.

Date and time Expedition Duration Company Route Price
8 h 25 min Renk İstanbul Turizm Muğla - İstanbul 799 TL
8 h 25 min Renk İstanbul Turizm Muğla - İstanbul 799 TL
7 h 45 min Renk İstanbul Turizm Muğla - İstanbul 799 TL
8 h 25 min Renk İstanbul Turizm Muğla - İstanbul 799 TL
8 h 15 min Renk İstanbul Turizm Muğla - İstanbul 799 TL
12 h Metro Turizm Muğla - İstanbul 800 TL
12 h Metro Turizm Muğla - İstanbul 800 TL
12 h Metro Turizm Muğla - İstanbul 800 TL
12 h Metro Turizm Muğla - İstanbul 800 TL
12 h Metro Turizm Muğla - İstanbul 800 TL
12 h Metro Turizm Muğla - İstanbul 800 TL
12 h Metro Turizm Muğla - İstanbul 800 TL
12 h Metro Turizm Muğla - İstanbul 800 TL
12 h Metro Turizm Muğla - İstanbul 800 TL
10 h 45 min Metro Turizm Muğla - İstanbul 850 TL

Popular Muğla to İstanbul Bus Tickets

vip-izmir-kalesi Vip İzmir Kalesi 26 July 2024
Muğla İstanbul 1,266 TL
17:30 04:30
anadolu-ulasim Anadolu Ulaşım 20 August 2024
Muğla İzmir 462 TL
02:00 05:35
metro-turizm Metro Turizm 07 August 2024
Muğla İstanbul (Anadolu) 1,700 TL
12:30 23:30
anadolu-ulasim Anadolu Ulaşım 20 July 2024
Muğla Ankara 810 TL
02:00 13:45
metro-turizm Metro Turizm 26 July 2024
Muğla Antalya 500 TL
19:30 01:30
metro-turizm Metro Turizm 25 September 2024
Muğla Bursa 1,200 TL
11:00 19:30
elazig-murat-turizm Elazığ Murat Turizm 17 July 2024
Muğla Aydın 250 TL
10:45 12:30
sec-turizm Seç Turizm 31 July 2024
Muğla Adana 1,250 TL
16:00 07:15
pamukkale-turizm Pamukkale Turizm 18 July 2024
Muğla Denizli 390 TL
00:45 03:00
metro-turizm Metro Turizm 15 September 2024
Muğla Kocaeli (İzmit) 1,120 TL
15:00 04:00
siirt-petrol Siirt Petrol 29 July 2024
Muğla Konya 800 TL
10:30 19:00
aras-seyahat Aras Seyahat 22 July 2024
Muğla Kayseri 1,000 TL
07:45 23:31
vip-izmir-kalesi 25 July 2024
İzmir İstanbul 499 TL
11:00 18:40
metro-turizm 17 July 2024
Bursa İstanbul 450 TL
01:00 03:30
nigde-vip-turizm 25 July 2024
Ankara İstanbul 600 TL
00:14 07:44
metro-turizm 15 September 2024
Balıkesir İstanbul 980 TL
23:30 08:00
pamukkale-turizm 26 July 2024
Tekirdağ İstanbul 305 TL
01:00 03:00
metro-turizm 03 August 2024
Aydın İstanbul 1,400 TL
01:15 09:30
vip-izmir-kalesi 26 July 2024
Muğla İstanbul 1,266 TL
17:30 04:30
metro-turizm 19 July 2024
Samsun İstanbul 950 TL
09:00 20:15
luks-gumushane 14 August 2024
Ordu İstanbul 1,400 TL
15:40 05:10
metro-turizm 09 August 2024
Antalya İstanbul 950 TL
09:00 22:30
canakkale-truva-turizm 19 July 2024
Çanakkale İstanbul 750 TL
01:25 07:30
metro-turizm 05 August 2024
Sakarya İstanbul 500 TL
02:30 07:15

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Muğla - İstanbul Expeditionary Bus Companies

Anadolu Ulaşım
Ayar Aydın Seyahat
Balıkesir Hakser Turizm
Balıkesir Uludağ
Balıkesir Uludağ Turizm
Best Van Turizm
Buzlu Turizm
Can İstanbul Turizm
Ege Seyahat
Gold İstanbul
İsmail Ayaz
Isparta Petrol Turizm

İstanbul Bus Terminals

Esenler Otogarı
Alibeyköy Cep Otogarı

Blog Posts About İstanbul

About Muğla

The coastal towns, nightlife and Sıtkı Koçman University that come to mind when Muğla is mentioned make this city with a very good transportation network attractive.

Muğla, which has many holiday resorts such as Bodrum, Fethiye and Marmaris, is a city established at the foothills of Asar Mountain. Muğla, an ancient city paradise on the stage of history, has a developed industry with thermal power plants and mineral deposits.

Muğla, which is rich in paper mills and agricultural products, always attracts attention with its touristic riches. There is a rich culture in the city, which is rich with coastal tourism, cultural tourism and zeybek dances.

Due to the large influx of foreign tourists in Muğla and the surrounding holiday regions, the number of resident tourists has also increased. It also has a rich cuisine with different local tastes.

Transportation from Esenler (Bayrampaşa) Bus Terminal to the City Center

İstanbul Transportation to the city center from the bus station, which is within walking distance of Esenler center, is quite versatile. It is a card pass system called Istanbul Card and transportation can be provided with this card in metro, metrobus, buses and ferries. You can use metro, metrobus, buses and ferries with the electronic ticket system called Istanbul Card. You can obtain your Istanbul Card from the vending machines at the entrance of the metro station.

Transportation to the City Center by Taxi

You can reach every point you want to go by taxi from the bus station taxi stand. To call a taxi from Yüzyıl taxi stand, you can contact 0212 629 14 85.

You can reach Merter, the nearest metrobus stop, very quickly and cheaply by taxi; You can continue your journey by public transportation from here.

Transportation to the City Center by Bus

Transportation to Taksim is provided by 83 O, which departs from the bus station. It is also possible to reach points such as Beşiktaş, Bakırköy and Aksaray by bus services from the bus station. You can find bus routes and schedules at .

Transportation to the City Center by Metro

You can get off at the Aksaray stop by metro at the bus terminal, take the Kabataş tram, and reach Taksim via the funicular system.

Esenler Bus Terminal Metro Station is located right in the middle of the Airport Yenikapı metro line. By metro, you can reach centers such as Merter, Bakırköy, Bahçelievler, Yenibosna, in the direction of the airport, and Topkapı, Fatih, Aksaray and Yenikapı in the direction of Yenikapı.

By metro, you can reach many points from Beylikdüzü to Söğütlüçeşme on the Anatolian Side by transferring to the metrobus at Şirinevler or Merter stops.

You can reach Kabataş by taking the tram from Topkapı or Aksaray stops, passing through Beyazıt, Eminönü and Karaköy, and from there you can easily go to centers such as Taksim, Beşiktaş and Levent.

Transportation to the City Center by Shuttle

Since most bus companies have shuttle services to centers such as Taksim, Beşiktaş, Levent, Bakırköy, Şirinevler, Avcılar and Beylikdüzü, you can benefit from free shuttle services. You can get detailed information about the services by calling the company you will be traveling with.

Transportation from Harem Bus Terminal to the City Center

It is possible to travel from the Anatolian side to the European side by metrobus, bus and sea.

Transportation by Ferry

The most direct way to reach the city center from the bus station is by ferry to Sirkeci. When you get off at Sirkeci, you can take the Kabataş tram, get off at the last stop and reach Taksim in 1 minute with the Taksim funicular system.

Transportation to the City Center by Bus

You can take the buses from Harem to Üsküdar, and you can take the buses from Üsküdar to Taksim. You can reach districts such as Üsküdar, Kadıköy, Pendik, Kartal and Taksim by bus.

Transportation to the City Center by Ferry

From Harem, you can go to Üsküdar pier with your bus company's free shuttle service, get on the Kabataş motorboats, and go to Taksim with the Kabataş funicular line. You can also reach Eminönü and Kabataş by sea from Üsküdar pier.
Muğla - İstanbul Expeditionary FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
Between Muğla and İstanbul usually takes 8 hours 25 minutes. However, this period may vary slightly due to breaks and similar factors.
Bus companies operating between Muğla İstanbul Anadolu Ulaşım, Ayar Aydın Seyahat, Balıkesir Hakser Turizm, Balıkesir Uludağ, Balıkesir Uludağ Turizm, Best Van Turizm, Buzlu Turizm, Can İstanbul Turizm, Ege Seyahat, Gold İstanbul, İsmail Ayaz, Isparta Petrol Turizm are companies.
In order to buy the cheapest Muğla İstanbul bus tickets, a route selection should be made from our bus page. After the selection is made, all companies and flight times will be listed. You can get the cheapest bus ticket from this list.
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