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Best Van Turizm
Iğdırlı Turizm
Kanberoğlu Turizm
Metro Turizm
Patnos İtimat
Van Kalesi Turizm
Vangölü Turizm

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About Bayburt

Bayburt, consisting of Turkmens and Chepnis, is located in the Black Sea region. Bayburt, a city that develops its economy through agriculture and animal husbandry, has very suitable natural conditions, especially for animal husbandry.

Bayburt Castle, Dede Korkut Tomb, Sünür Kutlu Bey Mosque and Ayrintepe Underground City are very important. Sarıkayalar waterfalls are also among the areas that attract the attention of tourists. This city, which also attracts attention with its caves, is a city where you can always travel and find the most affordable bus ticket.

In the region, where one of the biggest problems is the bad roads in historical places and the lack of guides, Bayburt Clock Tower is among the notable places to see.
The bus terminal, which can be considered new in terms of transportation, provides a problem-free land transportation service, and university students from the surrounding provinces use the bus terminal frequently.

About Ağrı Bus Terminal

Ağrı Ağrı bus terminal, which was renovated in 2013, is located in Erzurum Boulevard, Fırat District. 10 local bus companies provide service at Ağrı bus terminal. You can find bus tickets to nearby provinces at the bus terminal, which has 20 offices and provides a wide range of services. Apart from the nearby provinces where you can reach very economical prices, transportation is also available to metropolitan cities such as Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir.

The bus terminal, built on an area of 27 thousand square meters, has been renovated in recent years. You can reach the bus terminal by calling 0472 215 18 25. Some bus companies serving at Ağrı bus terminal, where transportation has increased with the opening of the university;
  • tour of pain,
  • Ararat tur,
  • Eastern Anatolia Tourism,
  • Brave Pain,
  • Has Bingöl,
  • Leader Bingöllü,
  • Patnos trust.
The number of buses at the bus terminal in the morning decreases in the evening hours. Therefore, public transportation and minibuses should be arranged according to these hours. During periods of harsh weather conditions, flight delays or cancellations may occur.

Transportation from Ağrı Bus Terminal to the City Center

You can buy a bus ticket to anywhere you want from Ağrı bus terminal, where many local companies provide service.

Bus companies serving at Ağrı bus terminal and providing transportation to many different cities receive many complaints from customers. Local bus companies, in particular, are criticized for being rude to customers and causing disruptions in transportation hours. In Ağrı, which has the harshest continental climate, there may be delays in flights during the winter months due to weather conditions. This situation needs to be taken into account. In Ağrı, where the Smart Card service for public transportation started in 2015, discounted transportation is available for students, the elderly and the disabled.

Transportation to the City Center by Taxi

It is possible to reach the new bus terminal taxi rank by calling 0542 530 57 87. Taxi fares can be determined by negotiating with the driver. Since the bus station is in the center, you can provide economical transportation by taxi in short distances.

Transportation to the City Center by Bus

For Ağrı bus transportation options, you can travel by purchasing tickets from ticket offices. You can travel from the bus station to the city center, and from the city center to the bus station and other districts, with buses departing every hour.

Transportation to the City Center by Shuttle

It is possible to reach Ağrı districts and some villages with the free services of bus companies. Especially companies such as Metro and Ulusoy have free shuttle services to many different points. You can contact the bus company you are traveling with for service hours.

Transportation by Minibus

You can also reach many places by minibuses passing through the D 100 highway at the exit of the bus station. Fees vary between 1.5 and 3 lira and you can reach your central location or villages in a short time.
Bayburt - Ağrı Expeditionary FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
Bus companies operating between Bayburt Ağrı Best Van Turizm, Iğdırlı Turizm, Kanberoğlu Turizm, Metro Turizm, Patnos İtimat, Van Kalesi Turizm, Vangölü Turizm are companies.
In order to buy the cheapest Bayburt Ağrı bus tickets, a route selection should be made from our bus page. After the selection is made, all companies and flight times will be listed. You can get the cheapest bus ticket from this list.
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