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About Bayburt

Bayburt otobüs bileti Bayburt, consisting of Turkmens and Chepnis, is located in the Black Sea region. Bayburt, a city that develops its economy through agriculture and animal husbandry, has very suitable natural conditions, especially for animal husbandry.

Bayburt Castle, Dede Korkut Tomb, Sünür Kutlu Bey Mosque and Ayrintepe Underground City are very important. Sarıkayalar waterfalls are also among the areas that attract the attention of tourists. This city, which also attracts attention with its caves, is a city where you can always travel and find the most affordable bus ticket.

In the region, where one of the biggest problems is the bad roads in historical places and the lack of guides, Bayburt Clock Tower is among the notable places to see.
The bus terminal, which can be considered new in terms of transportation, provides a problem-free land transportation service, and university students from the surrounding provinces use the bus terminal frequently.

About Bayburt Bus Terminal

When those who want to make a change come to this city with the cheapest bus ticket campaigns, they encounter a very modern bus terminal. New building completed in 2008
Bayburt bus terminal houses restaurants, souvenir shops, hairdressers, Turkish baths, mosques, bakeries, markets and ATMs. Many local and national companies provide service at the bus terminal, which is designed almost like a shopping mall. Some of the bus companies serving at the bus terminal are;
  • Kamil Koc,
  • Metro,
  • Suzer Tourism,
  • Van Lake Tourism,
  • Has Bingöl,
  • Ulusoy,
  • As Bayburt,
  • Aydogan Tourism.

Both national and local bus companies have very economical and abundant services in the city, and local companies are generally preferred.

Transportation from Bayburt Bus Terminal to the City Center

The bus station is located in the Zahit District of the city center. Urban transportation is provided by taxis, minibuses and buses.

Bayburt, one of the stops of cultural tours, is an economical city, which means that your transportation problem will not cause any financial problems. Although the 69 municipal buses to be donated to Bayburt, the sister municipality of the Paris Municipality, have become a laughing stock in many places, we can say that Bayburt has a good transportation network with buses and minibuses sufficient for its decent population.

Shuttles are not available in the area, which can be reached by taxi, minibus or minibus. Because the bus station is located in the city center.

Transportation to the City Center by Taxi

You can use the bus station taxi stand to reach your destination by taxi. You can reach the towns and villages comfortably by calling a taxi from the bus stop at 0458 211 25 07.

Taxi fares are determined by the opening fee and the fees added per km, and travel is negotiable with or without a taximeter.

Transportation to the City Center by Bus

Buses, which are the most preferred mode of transportation by students and employees, depart every 15 minutes.

Bus services that start early in the morning stop after 22:00 in the evening and do not operate until the next morning. It is possible to go everywhere by bus. Buses are preferred especially for transportation to official institutions.

Buses do not yet have a smart card system and travel is carried out in exchange for tickets and money.

Transportation to the City Center by Shuttle

If your bus company provides service to the districts, you can benefit from the free shuttle service. However, shuttle service is generally not provided.

Transportation by Minibuses

Minibuses, which are preferred for transportation to neighborhoods and villages, are among the practical public transportation vehicles you can find everywhere.

You can find a transportation vehicle every 15 minutes to the routes that you can reach by minibuses, and you can use minibuses in both directions. There are two different tariffs for minibuses: student and full fares, and prices may vary depending on the destination.
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The main bus companies operating Bayburt Ali Osman Ulusoy, Aras Seyahat, Bayburt Turizm, Bayburt Uçar Turizm, Best Van Turizm, Cesur Bingöl Seyahat, Cizre Nuh İtimat, Has Bingöl, Iğdırlı Turizm, Kanberoğlu, Kars Kalesi, Lüks Bayburt are companies.
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