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Min Price 800 TL
The Most Affordable Company Lüks Bayburt Seyahat
Most Visited Company Lüks Bayburt Seyahat
Average Number of Breaks 2
Approximate Travel Time 6 hours 30 minutes
Number of Daily Expeditions 12

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The bus journey between Amasya and Bayburt takes 6 hours 30 minutes on average.

Date and time Expedition Duration Company Route Price
6 h 30 min Lüks Bayburt Seyahat Amasya - Bayburt 800 TL

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Amasya - Bayburt Expeditionary Bus Companies

Lüks Bayburt Seyahat
Özlem Seyahat
Yeni As Bayburt
Yeni As Bayburt Seyahat

About Amasya

Amasya, one of the Black Sea cities, is known as the Venice of the Black Sea. This name was given to the region by Amaseia, the inventor of Geography, who was the world's first Geographer.

Amasya, which has hosted various civilizations and been under the domination of the Turks for many years, has a deep-rooted history dating back to 5500 BC. It is known as the homeland of the Amazons, and the famous geographer described this city with this name, which he called Amaseia, meaning the queen of the Amazons.

Amasya, which was the first place where the Turks settled down, was also preferred by the princes for education. Amasya Castle, dating back to the Early Bronze Age, was used by many civilizations. The construction of thick city walls on Yeşilırmak, where classical Turkish houses are adjacent to each other, has added a special beauty to this city.

Amasya, famous for its apples, is famous for its classic Black Sea dishes, keskek, stuffed broad beans and poached soup.
Amasya - Bayburt Expeditionary FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
Between Amasya and Bayburt usually takes 6 hours 30 minutes. However, this period may vary slightly due to breaks and similar factors.
Bus companies operating between Amasya Bayburt Lüks Bayburt Seyahat, Özlem Seyahat, Yeni As Bayburt, Yeni As Bayburt Seyahat are companies.
In order to buy the cheapest Amasya Bayburt bus tickets, a route selection should be made from our bus page. After the selection is made, all companies and flight times will be listed. You can get the cheapest bus ticket from this list.
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