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Avis Karavan Car Rental Company FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
In general, as in all car rental companies, Avis Karavan company also requires driver's license, identity card and credit card information.
Generally, the conditions are the same in all companies. In Avis Karavan car rental company, it is to be 21 years old and over and to have a 2-year driver's license for standard vehicles.
All vehicles belonging to Avis Karavan car rental company are covered by traffic insurance. Expenses incurred by the lessor with extra insurance may be covered by the rental company.
When renting a vehicle from Avis Karavan company, 90% of the warehouse is given as full and it is requested to be returned in this way. However, in different cases, the level of the warehouse is noted in the rental document and received at that level.
Avis Karavan is not delivered to any place other than car rental agencies. You can see the locations of Avis Karavan company in the options that appear when renting a car.

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