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About Akustik Car Rental Company

Akustik provides vehicles suitable for all customer needs. If you are traveling with your family or traveling with your friends, we have all kinds of car rental services, no matter how crowded you are. You can travel for a business trip or on your own; we also have a car rental service suitable for these situations. Akustik, which has come to this day with its honest and reliable identity, is a business that has increased its quality with successful organizations and managed to make a splash in this sector.

Acoustic Car Rental Prices

Acoustic car rental prices vary depending on the vehicles. Duration is a very important element for car rental. Akustik is also a company that stands out with its yacht rental service. You will be charged differently depending on the yacht type you choose among the yacht types such as Gulet, Sailboat, Catamaran, Motoryacht, cabin rental, daily tour boat. Features such as yacht class, number of people and departure port are the determinants of the yacht car rental price.
Regarding acoustic pricing, the purpose of travel and the number of people are determined first. Then pricing is done. Among the many travel purposes such as symposiums, congresses, conferences, seminars, cultural tours, dealer incentive trips, business trips, the exact number of people and the number of people are determined and the pricing phase begins. As the number of people increases, the width of the vehicle to be rented will increase, which will be reflected in the price.
Acoustics will be a company that provides you with the exact trip you need, with many opportunities, and works to make you happy. You can choose our company to rent a car for all your projects and travel plans.

Acoustic Car Rental Conditions

We continue our activities as acoustic car rental. Akustik started its business life in Bodrum. The company, which entered the sector as a travel service provider, has survived to this day. We are constantly expanding our service areas. Our company is growing with comprehensive transfer service, site tours and car rental services. Our company is developing day by day in harmony with technology.
Among our acoustic car rental conditions, some important information about the vehicle you will rent must be determined. First of all, you are asked which vehicle you want and whether it is a vehicle you are considering. The vehicle is determined according to the number of people. The delivery location of the vehicle and the place where it will be picked up must be determined. Pick-up and delivery dates and times are confirmed by writing down exactly.
The purpose of travel and the number of people are very important. There can be many travel purposes such as seminars, symposiums, conferences, congresses, dealer incentive trips, cultural tours, product launches, business meetings. Once this basic travel information is determined, the most suitable vehicle is selected for you and the rental process is started.

Acoustics Offices and Communications

We have an office in Akustik Bodrum center and we have other branch offices. Apart from our Bodrum head office, we also have offices in Marina Bodrum, Izmir Gaziemir and Antalya center and are always open for service. Our head office is located in Bodrum Muğla. You can also reach us at our office at Emin Anter Boulevard, No: 66.

Akustik Communication
Phone: 444 08 48
fax: 0252 316 46 04
Email: destek@akustik.tc

Emin Anter Bulvarı No:66 Bodrum - Muğla / Türkiye
Akustik Car Rental Company FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
In general, as in all car rental companies, Akustik company also requires driver's license, identity card and credit card information.
Generally, the conditions are the same in all companies. In Akustik car rental company, it is to be 21 years old and over and to have a 2-year driver's license for standard vehicles.
All vehicles belonging to Akustik car rental company are covered by traffic insurance. Expenses incurred by the lessor with extra insurance may be covered by the rental company.
When renting a vehicle from Akustik company, 90% of the warehouse is given as full and it is requested to be returned in this way. However, in different cases, the level of the warehouse is noted in the rental document and received at that level.
Akustik is not delivered to any place other than car rental agencies. You can see the locations of Akustik company in the options that appear when renting a car.

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