Trabzon Giresun Bus Ticket

Trabzon - Giresun Bus Schedule

Min Price 140 TL
The Most Affordable Company Ulusoy Derya
Most Visited Company Ulusoy Derya
Average Number of Breaks 2
Approximate Travel Time 2 hours 0 minutes
Number of Daily Expeditions 32

Cheapest Trabzon Giresun Bus Tickets

The bus journey between Trabzon and Giresun takes 2 hours 0 minutes on average.

Date and time Expedition Duration Company Route Price
2 h Ulusoy Derya Trabzon - Giresun 140 TL
2 h Ulusoy Derya Trabzon - Giresun 140 TL
2 h Ulusoy Derya Trabzon - Giresun 140 TL
2 h Ulusoy Derya Trabzon - Giresun 170 TL
2 h Ulusoy Derya Trabzon - Giresun 170 TL
2 h Ulusoy Derya Trabzon - Giresun 170 TL
1 h 45 min Metro Turizm Trabzon - Giresun 170 TL
1 h 15 min Metro Turizm Trabzon - Giresun 170 TL
1 h 35 min Metro Turizm Trabzon - Giresun 170 TL
1 h 30 min Metro Turizm Trabzon - Giresun 170 TL
1 h 30 min Metro Turizm Trabzon - Giresun 170 TL
1 h 20 min Metro Turizm Trabzon - Giresun 170 TL
2 h Vangölü Turizm Trabzon - Giresun 170 TL
2 h Ulusoy Derya Trabzon - Giresun 170 TL
2 h Ulusoy Derya Trabzon - Giresun 170 TL

Popular Trabzon to Giresun Bus Tickets

metro-turizm Metro Turizm 23 July 2024
Trabzon Ankara 1,000 TL
12:30 02:00
ozlem-ardahan Özlem Ardahan 09 August 2024
Trabzon Samsun 400 TL
00:35 06:50
metro-turizm Metro Turizm 20 July 2024
Trabzon İstanbul 1,500 TL
12:50 08:30
cesur-bingol-seyahat Cesur Bingöl Seyahat 27 August 2024
Trabzon Ordu 250 TL
00:25 03:10
metro-turizm Metro Turizm 03 August 2024
Trabzon İstanbul (Anadolu) 1,500 TL
18:50 11:00
luks-artvin-seyahat Lüks Artvin Seyahat 17 August 2024
Trabzon Sakarya 1,400 TL
15:30 04:30
metro-turizm Metro Turizm 18 September 2024
Trabzon Kocaeli (İzmit) 1,500 TL
19:30 10:00
ali-osman-ulusoy Ali Osman Ulusoy 17 August 2024
Trabzon Bayburt 300 TL
02:30 05:15
luks-yalova-seyahat Lüks Yalova Seyahat 31 July 2024
Trabzon Bursa 1,349 TL
16:30 09:30
metro-turizm Metro Turizm 31 August 2024
Trabzon İzmir 1,500 TL
12:30 10:00
kanberoglu-turizm Kanberoğlu Turizm 27 July 2024
Trabzon Gümüşhane 350 TL
02:00 03:30
cesur-bingol-seyahat Cesur Bingöl Seyahat 18 July 2024
Trabzon Rize 150 TL
04:00 05:40
metro-turizm 02 August 2024
İstanbul Giresun 1,400 TL
17:00 08:00
metro-turizm 02 August 2024
İstanbul (Anadolu) Giresun 1,400 TL
18:45 08:00
metro-turizm 06 August 2024
Ankara Giresun 900 TL
21:45 07:00
ali-osman-ulusoy 04 August 2024
Kocaeli (İzmit) Giresun 1,350 TL
01:45 14:15
giresun-seyahat 16 August 2024
Samsun Giresun 209 TL
06:00 09:30
giresun-seyahat 29 August 2024
Bursa Giresun 900 TL
18:30 09:30
luks-gumushane 23 July 2024
Sakarya Giresun 1,400 TL
16:00 06:00
metro-turizm 20 August 2024
İzmir Giresun 1,400 TL
13:00 06:30
cesur-bingol-seyahat 14 July 2024
Trabzon Giresun 220 TL
00:25 02:05
oz-sivas-seyahat 10 August 2024
Sivas Giresun 850 TL
09:00 15:00
cesur-bingol-seyahat 20 July 2024
Gaziantep Giresun 1,300 TL
08:30 02:25
metro-turizm 27 July 2024
Çorum Giresun 500 TL
02:00 08:00

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Trabzon - Giresun Expeditionary Bus Companies

Adiyaman Ünal
Ali Osman Ulusoy
Aras Seyahat
As Adana Seyahat
Aydoğan Turizm
Cesur Bingöl Seyahat
Düzce Güven Seyahat
Golden Turizm
Görele Seyahat
Has Bingöl
Has Elazığlılar Turizm

About Trabzon

Trabzon, located in the Eastern Black Sea Region, attracts attention with its natural beauties and world-famous Sumela Monastery. In this city where Turkmens and Chepnis live, Maçka, Trabzon Castle and Şolma plateau, which are famous for their natural beauties, are very famous.

Trabzon, located in the plateaus and natural beauties, is one of the most beautiful regions of our country with its Santa ruins and picturesque mountains and plains. Anchovy, kale, corn bread, anchovy bird, anchovy rice and anchovy desserts, which are unique to the region, are nationalized delicacies that are appreciated by everyone.

Gold and silver handmade products attract attention in Kemeraltı bazaar. In this green city, which becomes more impressive with the festivities and festivals in the spring months, you can travel with the most affordable bus ticket campaigns by experiencing the advantages of its developed economy and urbanization.

You can use shuttles and minibuses to reach the city center from the bus station until a certain hour, and you can benefit from the 24-hour taxi service.

Transportation from Giresun Bus Terminal to the City Center


People also state that there are many areas that need to be renovated in the bus terminal, which can be purchased from local bus companies in nearby provinces for the most affordable bus tickets and which is easily accessible due to the school nearby.

The bus terminal, located in the city center, can be reached from all other Giresun districts. You can easily reach every place by minibuses that operate regularly.

Transportation to the City Center by Taxi

Since the bus station is in the center, you can reach all means of transportation within walking distance. Since there is a school right next to the bus station, there is no problem with transportation. It is possible to go anywhere you want by taxi by leaving the bus station and hailing a taxi. taxi in city
It is preferred for short distances in transportation, but not for long distances.

Transportation to the City Center by Bus

You can go anywhere with Giresun municipal buses. You can reach all districts from the center where the bus terminal is located. You can get on Giresun Municipality buses with a ticket and money, and you can buy the tickets from the bus terminal and kiosks.

Transportation to the City Center by Shuttle

Some bus companies provide free shuttle services to different Giresun districts. To benefit from these services, you can contact the company from which you purchased your bus ticket and get information about the service routes and times.

Transportation by Minibuses

Transportation in Giresun province is mostly provided by minibuses. It is very important to go everywhere in a short time with minibuses and to go to Ordu and Trabzon provinces with these vehicles, which frequently travel within the city.

You can find minibus services to everywhere from the center, and you can go to Trabzon, Ordu every half hour, and other provinces every 15 minutes in an economical way.

Car Rental

Those who come for touristic purposes and want to rent a car can benefit from the rental car service when they want a comfortable choice to visit nearby provinces and other districts. You can get information about car rental service with or without a driver by calling (0454) 215 11 22.
Trabzon - Giresun Expeditionary FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
Between Trabzon and Giresun usually takes 2 hours 0 minutes. However, this period may vary slightly due to breaks and similar factors.
Bus companies operating between Trabzon Giresun Adiyaman Ünal, Ali Osman Ulusoy, Aras Seyahat, As Adana Seyahat, Aydoğan Turizm, Cesur Bingöl Seyahat, Düzce Güven Seyahat, Efetur, Golden Turizm, Görele Seyahat, Has Bingöl, Has Elazığlılar Turizm are companies.
In order to buy the cheapest Trabzon Giresun bus tickets, a route selection should be made from our bus page. After the selection is made, all companies and flight times will be listed. You can get the cheapest bus ticket from this list.
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