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Information About Balıkesir Otogarı

Paşa Alanı Mh, Şehirler Arası Otobüs Terminal, 10020 Merkez/Karesi/Balıkesir
Phone number
0266 246 57 51

Balıkesir Bus Terminal

Buses stand out among the preferred alternatives for transportation between Balıkesir Bus Terminal and the city center. It is possible to reach the central points easily by taking the ride in the direction of the center. In addition, you can reach the center by using minibus and bus lines. Balıkesir bus services are organized by different companies and vary widely.

Balıkesir bus ticket prices may also vary depending on the route. You may encounter different prices depending on the travel destination and company. You can reach touristic districts from certain points in the city center by minibus. In Balıkesir, the Balıkesir Public Transportation system, known as BTT, offers transportation to different parts of the city. Municipal buses, which are economically advantageous, are known as large vehicle options and are frequently preferred.

Balıkesir bus terminal

Transportation to Balıkesir Bus Terminal from the City Center

The most convenient option for traveling within the city in Balıkesir is known as public buses. If you want to reach the bus terminal, you can choose the Credit Dormitories Institution - Terminal bus line. For transportation by public transportation, you can choose the following routes to Balıkesir bus terminal:
  • Bus Lines : 102, Cengiz Topel Caddesi-Balıkesir TTM-Burhaniye New Bus Terminal-Ayvalik New Bus Terminal-Sarimsakli New Bus Terminal-Altınova Bus Terminal; 108, Balikesir-Dursunbey; 23t, Terminal - Ttm Hatti, Terminal - Ttm - Bahçelievler, Toki - Terminal - TTM - Adnan Menderes, Toki - Terminal - Ttm - A.Menderes; 101, Altınoluk Terminal 3; K8-A, Toki 1st Stage - Değirmenköy - Ring; 100, Bandırma; 103, Bandırma Ido3; You can reach the bus terminal from the city center by using different routes such as 104, Bandırma İdo6.
  • Minibus Lines : Minibus services are organized to provide transportation to the bus terminal from all districts.
  • Commercial Taxis : It is possible to reach Balıkesir bus terminal from your location by taxi.

Transportation from Balıkesir Bus Terminal to the City Center

There are various transportation methods available to reach Otorgan city center. Frequently used transportation alternatives can be listed as follows:
  • Bus : You can reach the city center and many districts by using the D2 and G2 lines departing from the bus station.
  • Passenger Services : You can easily reach the city center from Balıkesir bus station by using the free passenger services of the bus company you are traveling with.
  • Minibuses : These routes allow you to easily reach many regions and points from the bus station. You can choose minibus stops located close to the bus terminal.
Dolmuş and minibuses offer shorter distance stops and routes compared to public buses. Accordingly, it is generally preferred by local people. With these vehicles, you can easily reach the surrounding regions and districts. The fastest and easiest way to reach Balıkesir Bus Terminal from the city center is known as bus lines.

You can reach the center from the bus station by using buses, passenger shuttles or minibuses. You can choose these options if your current location is closer to the bus terminal by bus or minibus. You can reach different places from Balıkesir bus terminal bus companies . You can examine Balıkesir bus ticket options and choose the one that suits you.

Balıkesir Otogarı Expeditionary Bus Companies

Adıyaman Anka Turizm
Adıyaman Gülaras Turizm
Ak Turizm
Akhisar Seyahat
Alaşehir Sarıkız Turizm
Ali Osman Ulusoy
Aras Seyahat
As Adana Seyahat
As Bafra
Astor Seyahat
Asya Tur
Ayar Aydın Seyahat
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