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Adıyaman Gülaras Turizm
Adiyaman Ünal
Ağrı Kösedağı Turizm
Ağrı Seç Turizm
Ağrı Ses Turizm
Ak Turizm
Aras Seyahat
As Kahramanmaraş
Astor Seyahat
Best Van
Best Van Turizm
Beydağı Turizm

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About Nevşehir

Nevşehir otobüs bileti Nevşehir is one of the most popular cities of the Central Anatolia Region. It consists of the world-famous Fairy Chimneys, Hacıbektaş district and Derinkuyu, Acıgöl, Ürgüp, Nevşehir center, Gülşehir, Avanos, Hacıbektaş and Kozaklı districts with the most unique beauty of Cappadocia.

You can go on an unforgettable journey thanks to the underground cities that will destroy your connection with the world. In addition to seeing the natural beauties and ancient ruins in Nevşehir districts, those who prefer balloons to visit the environment from a bird's eye view always remember this atmosphere as unforgettable moments.

Nevşehir is a quiet and peaceful city. Therefore, it is ideal for seeing natural places and doing cultural tourism. Cappadocia can be seen impressively with balloon tours. It may not be easy to find a hotel room and tickets in this region, which is heavily visited in summer and winter, especially on weekends.

Especially during the winter season, various campaigns to find the most affordable bus tickets ensure that the region remains actively alive in terms of tourism for 12 months.

About Nevşehir Bus Terminal

Nevşehir bus terminal, located on the Niğde - Antalya road, is built on an area of 60 thousand square meters and has an open area of 6500 square meters.

It has 29 platforms, 9 arrivals and 20 departures. The bus terminal has 14 toll booths and 4 sales units. There is a hairdresser, restaurant, market, gift shop, toilet, newsstand, baby care room and shops at the bus station. At the bus terminal, which you can make the most of, areas have been created to meet all your needs. It is always possible to find the cheapest bus ticket from local companies. Some of the bus companies providing service;
  • Kamil Koc,
  • Nevsehir Travel,
  • Metro,
  • Göreme Tourism,
  • Nevşehir Cappadocia,
  • Nevtur Suha,
  • Tokat Star,
  • Pioneer Göreme.
There are buses to places to visit in Nevşehir. Thanks to these buses, it becomes easier to travel to many touristic areas.

Transportation from Nevşehir Bus Terminal to the City Center

The bus station is located in the city center. It is located in Necip Fazıl Boulevard, Göre. You can reach the bus terminal by calling 0384 213 40 25. Taxis, minibuses, shuttles and city bus services are organized.

Since the bus station is located in the center, transportation is very easy. You can reach your desired location without any transportation problems at the bus terminal, which provides active tourism services in all seasons.

However, there is no option other than using a taxi for transportation at night. You can also rent a car if you want. For car rental service, you can get car rental service from 0 384 411 43 45 - 0 506 994 03 44. For long-term transportation, rental cars can be a good option.

Transportation to the City Center by Taxi

You can use the terminal taxi stand to reach your destination by taxi. You can reach the center at economical prices by calling a taxi from the bus stop (0384) 214 10 20.

Transportation to the City Center by Bus

Transportation to the terminal is provided by blue buses numbered 1, 2, 4 and 5. You can easily reach the areas around the university, Ürgüp and Forum AVM with buses departing directly from the terminal.

You can find the vehicles you need for transportation by bus from the city section of the bus station. To reach every route in the city, you can use blue buses until 21 in the evening.

Transportation to the City Center by Shuttle

Some bus companies provide shuttle services to hotels and the city center. You can access the hours and route information of the free shuttles from the offices of the buses you purchased your ticket for.

Transportation by Minibuses

There is no transportation by minibuses in Nevşehir. There are buses and shuttles to tourist destinations that are used instead of minibuses. You can reach them from the terminal and get transportation for economical fees.
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You can buy a new ticket with your ticket amount by canceling the Nevşehir bus ticket you have bought until the last 1 hour before. This is how you change it. If the new ticket you buy is cheaper than the ticket you changed, the difference can be refunded or deducted from your next ticket by remaining open.
Yes you can. Even when you want to buy Nevşehir bus tickets, you can buy Nevşehir tickets more quickly from the website using a mobile application.
The main bus companies operating Nevşehir Adıyaman Gülaras Turizm, Adiyaman Ünal, Ağrı Kösedağı Turizm, Ağrı Seç Turizm, Ağrı Ses Turizm, Ak Turizm, Aras Seyahat, As Kahramanmaraş, Astor Seyahat, Best Van, Best Van Turizm, Beydağı Turizm are companies.
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