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midyat-seyyidoglu-turizm 24 May 2024
Adana Ankara 400 TL
23:00 05:00 Buy
midyat-seyyidoglu-turizm 31 May 2024
Afyonkarahisar Adana 500 TL
17:00 00:30 Buy
midyat-seyyidoglu-turizm 30 May 2024
Aksaray Gaziantep 500 TL
20:30 02:30 Buy
midyat-seyyidoglu-turizm 24 May 2024
Ankara Adana 350 TL
17:30 23:59 Buy
midyat-seyyidoglu-turizm 27 May 2024
Antalya Mardin 1,000 TL
22:00 17:30 Buy
midyat-seyyidoglu-turizm 31 May 2024
Bilecik Gaziantep 650 TL
13:00 02:30 Buy
midyat-seyyidoglu-turizm 24 May 2024
Bolu Şanlıurfa 1,050 TL
17:45 06:00 Buy
midyat-seyyidoglu-turizm 25 May 2024
Bursa Ankara 280 TL
11:30 17:30 Buy
midyat-seyyidoglu-turizm 26 May 2024
Diyarbakır Mardin 150 TL
20:30 22:00 Buy
midyat-seyyidoglu-turizm 25 May 2024
Düzce Adana 900 TL
16:30 02:00 Buy
midyat-seyyidoglu-turizm 25 May 2024
Eskişehir Ankara 150 TL
13:45 17:30 Buy
midyat-seyyidoglu-turizm 27 May 2024
Gaziantep Mardin 500 TL
02:30 07:30 Buy



Midyat Seyitoğlu, which was established in 2017, continues its service for intercity travel. Founded in Midyat, the company offers safe and comfortable travel with its bus fleet. It continues to grow and provide service with its different branches.

Services and Programs

The intercity travel service offered by the tourism company continues at the highest quality without compromising on safety. Midyat Seyitoğlu travel company does whatever is necessary to ensure that your journey meets your demands. It develops according to demands, ensuring that your journey is enjoyable.

Midyat Seyitoğlu Pre-Trip Service;

Necessary care is taken to provide the best service before your journey. Many situations such as buying a ticket, changing a ticket, canceling a ticket will take place directly before your journey. You can get information about every transaction carried out within the corporate framework, in accordance with the rules. Before your journey, your tickets will be checked and your baggage will be collected with a baggage coupon. Afterwards, the journey can begin safely.

Midyat Seyitoğlu Service During the Journey;

The service you receive after your journey starts is important for your journey to be safe and comfortable. You will see that you are traveling with comfortable seats and wide seats on the bus. Then, you will see that the assistant provides service at certain intervals depending on the route and travel time. In the services made for you, food is served with sweet and salty options. You can also have hot and cold drinks, if you wish. During your journey, you will also have advantages such as using the internet, using USB, and using sockets. You can evaluate these services offered to you during your journey.

Midyat Seyitoğlu Service After the Journey;

After your journey, your luggage will be delivered first. Then you can check it to see if there are any problems. You can report your wishes and complaints after the Midyat Seyitoğlu journey . According to your suggestions, the service quality will increase and your demands will be realized.


The company has regular flights. By following these routes, you can reach your destination safely. It is determined before the flights and presented to you.

Intercity Travel;

Schedules are determined for intercity journeys. Midyat Seyitoğlu bus services and routes are offered. You can make the selection you wish and buy the ticket for the journeys where departure times are also announced.
  • Midyat – Hatay: Midyat – Hatay expedition is among the flights. You can choose this flight, which departs from Midyat at 08.00.
  • Midyat – Adana – Mersin: Among the voyages, there are also voyages where the voyage starts from Midyat and ends in Mersin. This time, Adana is among the routes.
  • Aydın – Denizli – Bodrum: The departure time of this flight from Aydin is 10.00. The journey departs in the morning and ends in Bodrum.
  • Konya – Afyon – Uşak – Izmir: A bus trip has been organized with departures at 10.30. You will depart from Konya, stop at Afyon-Uşak bus terminals and arrive in Izmir.
  • Ankara - Izmit - Istanbul: Among the trips, there is a trip that starts from Ankara and ends in Istanbul after stopping at Izmit bus terminal. The journey starts with a departure of 12.00.
  • Konya – Afyon – Izmir: Konya – Afyon – Izmir is among the flights departing at 12.00. This flight departs from Konya and arrives in Izmir.
  • Ankara – Istanbul: Among the flights organized, there is a direct Ankara – Istanbul flight.
  • Gaziantep – Adana – Iskenderun – Hatay: The expedition starts from Gaziantep at 19.30. Afterwards, it is completed with Adana - Iskenderun - Hatay.
  • Mersin – Alanya – Antalya: You can travel to Mersin – Alanya – Antalya by car, departing at 20.30.

Urban Service;

The service offered also includes a shuttle service to or from the bus station. By using the service, you can ensure that urban transportation is safe and fast. Routes have also been determined for urban services. Depending on the trips, services are provided to take passengers from the bus station or to the bus station at certain times. By paying attention to these, you can use the service directly.

Intercity Accommodation Facilities

In terms of accommodation facilities , Midyat Seyitoğlu intercity accommodation facilities are not provided. During the journey, breaks are taken in private accommodation facilities. The facility where the break will be held is selected based on its qualities such as good cleanliness and quality service. You will be able to meet your needs with peace of mind in recreational facilities with areas such as toilets and prayer rooms. There will also be areas such as restaurants, local cuisine and markets in the accommodation facilities. You can meet your needs during the given time. There will be breaks such as 20 minutes, 30 minutes.

Bus Fleet

The bus fleet consists of 15 vehicles. Vehicle models are not given; However, for the Midyat Seyitoğlu vehicle fleet, it is ensured that the vehicles with the highest safety are used as much as possible. All 15 vehicles are checked regularly and comfortable and safe travel services are offered through these vehicles. The service is provided by ensuring that all buses have special TV screens, large luggage, and USB and sockets. The aim is to increase the number of vehicles in the fleet.

MIDYAT SEYITOGLU FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions )
When the results for the departure and arrival route you have chosen are received, you can view all the departure times by filtering MIDYAT SEYITOGLU from the company section.
Likewise, when you search for the flight that suits you and filter MIDYAT SEYITOGLU from the results, you can view all prices.
You can have a general idea by checking the user comments of MIDYAT SEYITOGLU bus company on the page of the relevant company.
In general, the services available in all bus companies are also valid in MIDYAT SEYITOGLU bus company.
You can easily use a baby carriage on MIDYAT SEYITOGLU buses.
When you search for bus tickets by entering your route and date information, you can select MIDYAT SEYITOGLU tickets from the list that appears.
When you search for the relevant bus ticket, if you sort the tickets by price among the services we have listed for you, you can get the cheapest MIDYAT SEYITOGLU bus ticket.
MIDYAT SEYITOGLU bus companies mainly Ankara, Antalya, Bursa, Eskişehir, Gaziantep organizes trips to cities. It organizes flights to 26 cities in total.
In MIDYAT SEYITOGLU bus company, the luggage limit of each seat is limited to 30 kilos.


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