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About Konya

Konya otobüs bileti Konya, the center of Çatalhöyük, is Turkey's largest city in terms of surface area. Konya, one of the important industrial cities, is one of the Anatolian Tigers.

When Konya is mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind is Mevlana. For this reason, religious tourism has an important place in Konya, which is an important historical center. There are many religious and historical sites that you can benefit from.
Thanks to cultural activities, you can explore important areas of the Konya region.

Konya, which has Mevlana kebab in its delicious cuisine, is very famous for its Karatay Madrasa and mosques. In the city of Konya, where there are many religious buildings, madrasahs, mosques and mounds are always among the most visited areas.

If you find the cheapest bus ticket for Konya, be sure to plan it for the spring months. Because you can see the natural beauties in the best way and you can also make your cultural trips during these months.

About Konya Bus Terminal

Twenty of Konya bus terminal's 38 platforms are actively used. Located in Yazır district, the bus station provides easy access to various parts of the city.
The bus terminal, which has a closed area of 135 thousand square meters and an open area of 11 thousand square meters, has 24 shops with basements. It has a parking lot for 250 cars, which is free for the first 25 minutes. There is also a separate free parking area for 100 cars.

There is a restaurant, market, hairdresser, souvenir shop, police station, cash desk, baby care room, shower area, toilet, newsstand and prayer room at the bus station. It is always possible to find the most affordable bus ticket to Konya. Local and national bus companies operate frequently. Some of the bus companies providing service;

  • Kamil Koc,
  • Has Turizm,
  • Metro,
  • Ulusoy,
  • contour,
  • Özkaymak,
  • Luxury Ereğli.

Transportation from Konya Bus Terminal to the City Center

Konya bus terminal has a large area and is equipped with everything that passengers need.

Transportation to the city center and villages can be provided from the bus terminal, which has a parking lot for 40 vehicles for buses going to the villages. It also has a taxi platform with a capacity of 52 vehicles and it is possible to find a vehicle for transportation by taxi 24 hours a day.

Urban transportation in Konya is provided by buses, minibuses, shuttles and trams. Since the tram only goes to the courthouse and university, it is not near the bus station.

Transportation to the City Center by Taxi

Taxi opening fee in Konya is calculated as 3 TL, and the additional fee per km is calculated as 2.75 TL. So, if you want to go from the bus station to Mevlana Street, you have to pay around 25 TL. You can find detailed taxi fares and transportation information on the website of Konya Metropolitan Municipality.

Transportation to the City Center by Bus

Transportation in Konya has become very easy thanks to the central and village buses departing from the bus station. Buses depart every 20 minutes and are charged with an electronic ticket called Elkart. It is calculated as 1.30 TL for students and 1.85 TL for full students.

Konya buses depart from the city center and districts on different routes by the metropolitan municipality. You can find detailed route and time information at atus.konya.bel.tr.

Transportation to the City Center by Shuttle

Transportation to various districts is provided by bus companies' free shuttles or buses. To do this, you can get information by going to the office and platform of the company you bought your ticket from and find out which shuttle will be departing.

Transportation by Minibuses

When you leave the bus station, you can go to different routes by using minibuses. Minibuses generally provide transportation to neighborhoods and districts. To reach the villages, you need to transfer to the city center by minibus. Or you just need to take the village buses directly from the bus station. Minibus fares start from 1.75 lira and increase depending on the distance traveled.

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Yes you can. Even when you want to buy Konya bus tickets, you can buy Konya tickets more quickly from the website using a mobile application.
The main bus companies operating Konya Villa Turizm, Adıyaman Anka, Adıyaman Anka Turizm, Adıyaman Gülaras, Adıyaman Öz Gülaras Turizm, Adiyaman Ünal, Ağrı Kösedağı Turizm, Ağrı Seç Turizm, Ağrı Ses Turizm, Ak Turizm, Aksu Turizm, Ali Osman Ulusoy are companies.
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