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Most Popular Ede Turizm Bus Tickets

ede-turizm 30 May 2024
Adana Mersin 250 TL
10:30 13:00 Buy
ede-turizm 31 May 2024
Adıyaman Antalya 900 TL
17:15 08:00 Buy
ede-turizm 31 May 2024
Ankara Bursa 350 TL
03:00 09:00 Buy
ede-turizm 31 May 2024
Antalya Osmaniye 550 TL
18:30 05:45 Buy
ede-turizm 29 May 2024
Balıkesir Ankara 600 TL
15:00 23:30 Buy
ede-turizm 19 July 2024
Bilecik Ankara 500 TL
19:00 23:30 Buy
ede-turizm 31 May 2024
Bolu Kayseri 500 TL
22:45 05:30 Buy
ede-turizm 31 May 2024
Bursa Kahramanmaraş 1,100 TL
17:30 07:30 Buy
ede-turizm 14 June 2024
Düzce Kahramanmaraş 1,100 TL
22:00 07:45 Buy
ede-turizm 29 May 2024
Elazığ Mersin 800 TL
14:00 23:15 Buy
ede-turizm 31 May 2024
Eskişehir Kayseri 600 TL
20:00 03:46 Buy
ede-turizm 01 June 2024
Gaziantep Adana 350 TL
08:15 10:30 Buy

About Ede Turizm

Ede Turizm

Ede Tourism

Ede Turizm, which is with you in all your travels with its safe and comfortable service, is waiting for you with affordable ticket alternatives. You can enjoy a unique journey with our carefully designed 2+1 seats and our always friendly staff to ensure that you have a comfortable and comfortable travel experience. Moreover, thanks to the 4.5 G mobile internet service we offer you during your trip, you can take care of your work or enjoy movies and TV series. In addition to all these, you can listen to carefully selected music selections on the seatback screens or add color to your journey with national channels. Additionally, with screens that have a USB port, you can carry the movie you want to watch with you or easily charge your phone.

Bus Fleet

Bus trips are one of the most preferred travel plans. However, choosing a reliable and comfortable one among many companies is not easy at all. Ede Turizm, which aims to offer you a unique travel experience with its rich bus fleet, each more comfortable than the other, allows you to reach your desired destination in the blink of an eye with its wide seat design. It's up to you to enjoy a comfortable and entertaining journey with the latest model vehicles designed with the latest technology.

Popular Routes

The most preferred travel routes of Ede Turizm, which offers comfortable travel to many parts of Turkey with its rich variety of vehicles, can be listed as follows:
  • Istanbul, Ankara, Bursa, Mersin, Adana Kahramanmaraş, Antalya and Balıkesir.

Catering, Services and Programs

We carefully take care of all the details on this path we set out to offer you the most comfortable and reliable travel experience with our always friendly employees. In this context, we carefully plan every detail for you and try to host you in the best possible way. During our travels, we take rest breaks at various pre-determined facilities so that you can meet your basic needs. In addition, we strive to make your trip more enjoyable by offering food and beverages at regular intervals.

Ede Turizm FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions )
When the results for the departure and arrival route you have chosen are received, you can view all the departure times by filtering Ede Turizm from the company section.
Likewise, when you search for the flight that suits you and filter Ede Turizm from the results, you can view all prices.
You can have a general idea by checking the user comments of Ede Turizm bus company on the page of the relevant company.
In general, the services available in all bus companies are also valid in Ede Turizm bus company.
You can easily use a baby carriage on Ede Turizm buses.
When you search for bus tickets by entering your route and date information, you can select Ede Turizm tickets from the list that appears.
When you search for the relevant bus ticket, if you sort the tickets by price among the services we have listed for you, you can get the cheapest Ede Turizm bus ticket.
Ede Turizm bus companies mainly Ağrı, Antalya, Bingöl, Burdur, Elazığ organizes trips to cities. It organizes flights to 37 cities in total.
In Ede Turizm bus company, the luggage limit of each seat is limited to 30 kilos.

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