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diyarbakir-baris-turizm 31 May 2024
Adana Ankara 650 TL
23:00 07:00 Buy
diyarbakir-baris-turizm 26 May 2024
Ankara Diyarbakır 800 TL
22:00 11:45 Buy
diyarbakir-baris-turizm 31 May 2024
Batman İstanbul 1,500 TL
12:00 10:00 Buy
diyarbakir-baris-turizm 30 May 2024
Diyarbakır Ankara 800 TL
15:00 05:10 Buy
diyarbakir-baris-turizm 26 May 2024
Düzce Gaziantep 900 TL
18:30 09:30 Buy
diyarbakir-baris-turizm 30 May 2024
Gaziantep İstanbul 650 TL
20:00 14:30 Buy
diyarbakir-baris-turizm 05 June 2024
İstanbul Şanlıurfa 900 TL
15:00 10:15 Buy
diyarbakir-baris-turizm 31 May 2024
Kocaeli (İzmit) Gaziantep 750 TL
17:30 07:50 Buy
diyarbakir-baris-turizm 30 May 2024
Osmaniye İstanbul 650 TL
22:00 15:00 Buy
diyarbakir-baris-turizm 25 May 2024
Sakarya Gaziantep 750 TL
18:00 07:50 Buy
diyarbakir-baris-turizm 26 May 2024
Şanlıurfa İstanbul 1,050 TL
17:30 12:20 Buy

About Diyarbakır Barış Turizm

Diyarbakır Barış Turizm

Diyarbakır Barış Turizm was established in 2002. The tourism agency established in Diyarbakır has been operating for many years. The Tourism company, whose founder is Ferzende Binen, continued to be managed by its founding partners after the founder's death in 2017. Diyarbakır Barış Turizm headquarters is located in Diyarbakır.

Services and Programs

Serving as a tourism agency, the company offers intercity travel services without compromising safety and comfort. In order to ensure customer satisfaction, service programs are developed and offered in many areas such as intercity bus and shuttle services.

Intercity Bus;

The facilities offered on buses also determine the nature of the journey. The agency tries to provide the highest quality service possible by offering the best possible opportunities for customers.
  • TV Broadcast
  • Internet
  • Earphones
  • Seat Screen (10 inch)
  • Radio and music broadcasting
  • It is among the opportunities you will get during your bus journey.
The screens behind the vehicle seats in buses are for you to watch TV as you wish. Diyarbakır Barış tourism opportunities for every passenger include a TV screen. You will also see that you can charge your device thanks to the USB port. Refreshments will be provided for food and beverage service. Hot and cold, sweet and salty services on the bus will ensure that your journey is both enjoyable and comfortable.


There are many flights departing from Diyarbakir. It is ensured that the departure takes place within the determined flight hours and that the passengers are delivered to their destination on time. Access to many locations in Turkey is possible thanks to the tourism agency, with flights from different provinces.
By purchasing instant tickets for trips such as Diyarbakır – Ankara, İstanbul – Gaziantep, İzmir – Diyarbakır, Sakarya – Hilvan, Silvan – Şanlıurfa, Sakarya – Hilvan, Diyarbakır – Kocaeli, İstanbul – Urfa, Gaziantep İzmir, Esenler – Urfa, Gaziantep – Bolu, Sakarya Diyarbakır you can do it. Diyarbakır Barış tourism flights are currently offered to you with the advantage of online tickets. If you wish, you can buy your tickets from through agencies and ensure your journey takes place.

Intercity Accommodation Facilities

Diyarbakır Barış Turizm ensures that passengers meet their needs by providing breaks in intercity accommodation facilities. The aim is to make the journey comfortable by taking regular breaks in quality and comfortable facilities. Diyarbakır Barış tourism accommodation facility does not exist directly in its name. However, in order to take a break, he stops periodically at platforms reserved for him in special facilities to meet the needs of passengers.

  • Şereflikoçhisar Başkent Break

  • Gaziantep Askoc Recreation Facilities

  • Pozantı Taşpınar Recreation Facilities

  • Kaynaşlı Türsan Recreation Facilities

In such recreational facilities, breaks are provided.
Bus Fleet
There are 7 buses in the bus fleet. You should know that all of the company's buses have large luggage. In addition, buses with air conditioning options are renewed according to demand in order to ensure customer satisfaction. For now, Diyarbakır Barış tourism bus fleet provides service with 7 vehicles.

Diyarbakır Barış Turizm FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions )
When the results for the departure and arrival route you have chosen are received, you can view all the departure times by filtering Diyarbakır Barış Turizm from the company section.
Likewise, when you search for the flight that suits you and filter Diyarbakır Barış Turizm from the results, you can view all prices.
You can have a general idea by checking the user comments of Diyarbakır Barış Turizm bus company on the page of the relevant company.
In general, the services available in all bus companies are also valid in Diyarbakır Barış Turizm bus company.
You can easily use a baby carriage on Diyarbakır Barış Turizm buses.
When you search for bus tickets by entering your route and date information, you can select Diyarbakır Barış Turizm tickets from the list that appears.
When you search for the relevant bus ticket, if you sort the tickets by price among the services we have listed for you, you can get the cheapest Diyarbakır Barış Turizm bus ticket.
Diyarbakır Barış Turizm bus companies mainly Düzce, Mersin, Osmaniye, Adana, Aksaray organizes trips to cities. It organizes flights to 15 cities in total.
In Diyarbakır Barış Turizm bus company, the luggage limit of each seat is limited to 30 kilos.

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