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Dilmenler Turizm

Mardin is one of the most visited cities in the Southeastern Anatolia Region. The city continues to be a favorite among tourists with its unique architectural structure, churches and deep-rooted history. You can find detailed information about Dilmenler Turizm, one of the most preferred companies in Mardin, here.
Dilmenler tourism was established in 2000, headquartered in Mardin. Dilmenler Tourism, one of the reliable travel companies in the East, provides services in the road travel and transportation sector. The company offers the opportunity to travel with drivers who have D1 and D2 licenses and have road and route information. With its renewed vehicle fleet, Dilmenler Turizm provides television, MP3 music, wireless internet, newspaper and magazine services on its buses.

Intercity Accommodation Facilities

The company chooses contracted rest facilities on the route for a break and has adjusted this choice according to passenger comfort. Apart from the city terminals, Dilmenler Tourism bus company, with its contracted terminals, has thought of all the details for your comfort. Providing intercity travel services via its own platforms, Dilmenler Tourism also offers local shuttle support. The company also offers the opportunity to buy tickets online. You can make reservations and cancel tickets by phone or online.
Recreational facilities used by Dilmenler Tourism;
  • Ender Recreation Facilities Bozkurt - Denizli
  • Gazipaşa Recreation Facilities - Antalya
  • Hanifi Yılmaz Recreation Facilities - Aksaray
  • Ali Bilir Recreation Facilities Beyşehir - Konya
  • Özkan Recreation Facilities Akşehir - Konya
  • Str Recreation Facilities Kula - Manisa
  • Taşpınar Recreation Facilities Pozantı -Adana
  • Pınarbaşı Recreation Facilities Birecik - Şanlıurfa
  • İsmailoğlu Recreation Facilities Hendek - Sakarya
  • Zirve Recreation Facilities Erdemli – Mersin
These facilities are the most preferred recreation areas by Dilmenler Tourism. The company also benefits from different facilities depending on the route type.

Services and Programs

There are different applications on the touch screen on the bus seats. You can have fun times using these applications. You also have the opportunity to watch the movies you want from your own flash memory using the USB input. You can pause the movies you want and change them whenever you want via the Televisions on the sofa. All vehicles owned by the company have uninterrupted internet connection. There is also the freedom to use mobile phones on the bus.
There is a touch screen behind each seat in all buses. Dozens of movies and thousands of songs are waiting for you on the seat-back screens designed for you to travel comfortably. Additionally, satellite TV broadcasts and computer games are designed for you to have an enjoyable time. All vehicles owned by the company are periodically maintained. The company, which expands its fleet day by day, announced that it will soon serve on new routes.

Dilmenler Turizm FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions )
When the results for the departure and arrival route you have chosen are received, you can view all the departure times by filtering Dilmenler Turizm from the company section.
Likewise, when you search for the flight that suits you and filter Dilmenler Turizm from the results, you can view all prices.
You can have a general idea by checking the user comments of Dilmenler Turizm bus company on the page of the relevant company.
In general, the services available in all bus companies are also valid in Dilmenler Turizm bus company.
You can easily use a baby carriage on Dilmenler Turizm buses.
When you search for bus tickets by entering your route and date information, you can select Dilmenler Turizm tickets from the list that appears.
When you search for the relevant bus ticket, if you sort the tickets by price among the services we have listed for you, you can get the cheapest Dilmenler Turizm bus ticket.
Dilmenler Turizm bus companies mainly Afyonkarahisar, Aksaray, Ankara, Antalya, Aydın organizes trips to cities. It organizes flights to 23 cities in total.
In Dilmenler Turizm bus company, the luggage limit of each seat is limited to 30 kilos.

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