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About Bitlis

Bitlis otobüs bileti

Bitlis, a city famous for its castles and Islamic works, dates back to B.C. It is a city thought to have a history dating back to 6 thousand years.

This city, which was devastated by Armenian revenge teams in the years before the War of Independence, suffered many losses. Bitlis, which was freed from occupation in 1916, has not been able to develop since then. Atatürk's will to build a university in this region and his desire for it to develop educationally and culturally did not yield any results.

There are still intense migration events in the region and its economy is not following a good path in many respects. Ahlat museum is one of the most frequently visited areas. Islahiye Madrasa, dating from 1216, is still intact.

There are countless places of worship in Bitlis and you need to spare a few days to visit each of them. Bitlis is an important city with Lake Nemrut, Muslim cemetery and many other historical ruins.

About Bitlis Bus Terminal

There was no bus terminal in Bitlis until 2011. Although the construction of a bus terminal was constantly brought to the agenda over time, it was always postponed.

In 2011, a facility built by TOKİ started to serve as Bitlis Bus Terminal. Located in an area outside the city and on the Bitlis Tatvan road, the bus terminal is built in a small area where 12 different companies serve. There are flights to many different cities and there are frequent buses to nearby cities.

It is very easy to find the cheapest bus ticket at Bitlis bus terminal, where local and national bus companies are located. Some of the bus companies providing service;
  • Metro,
  • Bitlis Taç Tourism,
  • Best Van Tourism,
  • Has Diyarbakir,
  • Oz Erciş,
  • Tokat Star,
  • Muş Road,
  • Star Diyarbakir,
  • Cizre Noah,
  • Van Road.

Transportation from Bitlis Bus Terminal to the City Center

Bitlis bus station is located outside the city center. Since there is not much development in transportation, transportation to the surrounding districts can only be provided by minibuses and shuttles. For the most affordable bus ticket, you can travel to neighboring provinces by purchasing tickets from local bus companies in nearby provinces.

Transportation to the City Center by Shuttle

A few of the bus companies have shuttle services to various districts. You can get clear information about service times and routes by calling your bus company.

Transportation by Minibuses

You can go to many different villages and districts by using the minibus service at the bus station. Bitlis city transportation is provided by minibuses and there are no buses.
Bitlis Expeditionary FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
After the information you enter to buy Bitlis bus tickets, the system will list all the tickets. You can get the cheapest Bitlis bus ticket by sorting this list by price.
You can buy a new ticket with your ticket amount by canceling the Bitlis bus ticket you have bought until the last 1 hour before. This is how you change it. If the new ticket you buy is cheaper than the ticket you changed, the difference can be refunded or deducted from your next ticket by remaining open.
Yes you can. Even when you want to buy Bitlis bus tickets, you can buy Bitlis tickets more quickly from the website using a mobile application.
The main bus companies operating Bitlis Best Van, Best Van Turizm, Best Van Yurtdışı, Bitlis Taç Turizm, Can Diyarbakır Turizm, Cizre Nuh İtimat, Ercis Sema, Has Diyarbakır, Has Diyarbakır Seyahat, Has Muş Turizm, Lider Batman Turizm, Lider Muş Turizm are companies.
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