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About Aydin

Aydın otobüs bileti Aydın, the third largest province of the Aegean Region after İzmir and Manisa, is among the provinces with a developed economy in terms of tourism and industry.

The climate and nature are quite beautiful. Kuşadası and Didim districts of this city, which has a coast to the Aegean Sea, are among the most important tourism resorts. Aydın is among the most developed provinces in terms of agriculture and animal husbandry. After the start of the work as a metropolitan municipality, advanced practices in transportation started.

Efeler district is the most densely populated region and Didim, Söke and Kuşadası are the districts that have a coast to the Aegean Sea. Söke is a province famous for its flour factory, and camel wrestling is among the popular culture elements in the region.

Aydın is a city where transportation is possible by air, road and railway. It serves as a metropolitan municipality. And it is the tenth largest city in Turkey.

About Aydin Bus Terminal

The bus station, located in the center of Aydın, was moved and renovated in 2014 and is located on the Muğla road, 6 km away from Efeler center, on the right side when coming to Aydın.

Established on an area of 28 thousand square meters, Aydın Bus Terminal provides service with 36 waiting platforms, 21 offices, 14 stores, a minibus garage for 154 vehicles, a parking lot for 65 vehicles and 17 kiosks. It is an area where you can meet all your needs thanks to souvenir shops and restaurants. You can also meet your hygiene needs thanks to the prayer room and clean toilets.

Thanks to the bus terminal, which is an important transfer center in the Aegean region and frequently preferred for transportation to nearby provinces, it is possible to receive service from many local and national bus companies.

It is possible to find the cheapest bus ticket at Aydin bus terminal, where local and national bus companies are located. Some of the bus companies providing service;
  • Kamil Koc,
  • Pamukkale,
  • Metro,
  • Aksu,
  • Leader Adana,
  • Oz Elbistan.
Transportation to the cities of Izmir, Ankara, Istanbul, Balıkesir, Denizli and Antalya is provided every hour from Aydın bus terminal. There is also a wedding hall and a multi-purpose hall at the bus station.

Transportation from Aydın Bus Terminal to the City Center

Since Aydın bus station is a little far from the city center, transportation can be provided with free shuttle services of bus companies. To obtain the most affordable bus ticket, local transportation vehicles at the bus station are preferred.

Transportation from the bus terminal to other districts and from other districts to the bus terminal can be provided by yellow municipal buses, taxis and minibuses that change their routes to reach the new location of the bus terminal. Since the new location of the bus terminal is wide, you can easily reach all city vehicles.

Aykart is used for yellow buses. When you want to buy an Aykart, you can buy it from the kiosks in the terminal and top up your credit from the vending machines at the stops. Discounted transportation is also available for students and senior citizens with Aykart.

Transportation to the City Center by Taxi

Bus station taxi can be called from 0256 518 73 21 and you can go to the desired location with the taxis located at the bus station exit. Night tariffs are not applied to taxi fares.

Transportation to the City Center by Bus

There are buses from the bus station to Söke and Nazilli districts. You need to take bus number 601 for Söke and 602 for Nazilli. Bus numbers 1, 2, 3, 8, 9, 12, 16, 17 and 20 going to the bus terminal pass through the new bus terminal.

Transportation to the City Center by Shuttle

Many bus companies provide free shuttle services to Söke, Didim, Kuşadası, Nazilli and other regions. You can get information about these services from your bus company.

Transportation by Minibuses

Transportation to all districts is provided by minibuses. From the minibus stop located inside the bus terminal, you can take minibuses that follow the route of the district you are going to. These minibuses operate according to bus schedules and their prices are very affordable.
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You can buy a new ticket with your ticket amount by canceling the Aydın bus ticket you have bought until the last 1 hour before. This is how you change it. If the new ticket you buy is cheaper than the ticket you changed, the difference can be refunded or deducted from your next ticket by remaining open.
Yes you can. Even when you want to buy Aydın bus tickets, you can buy Aydın tickets more quickly from the website using a mobile application.
The main bus companies operating Aydın Adıyaman Anka, Adıyaman Anka Turizm, Adıyaman Gülaras, Adıyaman Öz Gülaras Turizm, Adiyaman Ünal, Ağrı Seç Turizm, Aksu Turizm, Alanyalılar Turizm, Ali Osman Ulusoy, Anadolu Ulaşım, Aras Seyahat, As Adana Seyahat are companies.
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