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Villa Turizm
Adıyaman Anka
Adıyaman Anka Turizm
Adıyaman Gülaras
Adıyaman Öz Gülaras Turizm
Adiyaman Ünal
Ağrı Kösedağı Turizm
Ağrı Seç Turizm
Ağrı Ses Turizm
Ak Turizm
Aksu Turizm
Alanyalılar Turizm

About Afyonkarahisar

Afyonkarahisar , a prominent city in the marble and food industry in Turkey, is located in the Aegean Region.

In Afyon, where there are many marble companies, large and small, thermal tourism is also very important and developed. Afyonkarahisar, one of the richest regions in terms of thermal deposits, is very famous for sausage, clotted cream, poppy seeds, Turkish delight and Afyon home-made bread. Afyon sausage has a different taste than Kayseri sausage. It has 4-5 different brands.

Bayat kokboya rug is world famous and one of the most valuable pieces of Afyon culture. It is known that foreign tourists as well as local tourists come from many regions for spa tourism. Since its mud baths and healing waters are good for many diseases, it is preferred in thermal tourism in every season. For this reason, one of the important tourism stops is Afyon.

Türkiye's meat and egg sector directs its economy. Afyon, a world brand with its hot springs, sausages and marble, is one of our popular cities with its young population.

About Afyonkarahisar Bus Terminal

Afyon bus terminal, serving under the name Aftaş, is a small but useful bus terminal. At the bus terminal, where shuttles to and from the central districts are organized, there are small shops where local products are manufactured and sold under the brand name Aftaş.

It is possible to find all kinds of food, beverages and souvenir products at the bus terminal of this charming city located at the foot of the mountains. At the bus station, which has a mosque, the toilets are always clean and well-maintained. It is the first bus station serving as a rest facility in Turkey. It is very easy to find Afyon bus tickets in Aftaş, where local and national bus companies are located. Some of the bus companies providing service;
  • Anatolian Transportation,
  • Antalya Toros Turizm,
  • Uludağ Tourism,
  • I am Tourism,
  • Mediterranean Travel,
  • Es Turizm,
  • Izmir Tourism,
  • Kamil Koç Tourism,
  • Metro.
Free shuttles from Afyon bus station to the city center depart every half hour, and minibus services are also available from the highway in front of the bus station.

Transportation from Afyonkarahisar Bus Terminal to the City Center

It is easily accessible by minibuses from Afyon bus station. In addition to the minibuses that reach every part of the city, the bus station also offers a free shuttle service to the center. For the cheapest way to get to the city, cards used on public buses can be preferred. It is possible to provide more economical transportation with cards that can be obtained from bank points.

Afyon cards are sold at sales points at the bus terminal and in small kiosks near the stops. If you miss bus, minibus or shuttle schedules, you may have to wait for a very long time. For this reason, it would be a good idea to get clear information about the service hours by calling the bus terminal at 0272 229 90 10.

Transportation to the City Center by Taxi

Those who want to reach the city center by taxi can call a taxi at the Bus Terminal taxi stand at 0272 213 89 45. Taxi fares are tariffed based on the opening fee and additional fees per km.

Transportation to the City Center by Bus

Transportation in Afyon is provided by public buses and smart tickets. Transportation to various central districts can be provided from the bus stop on the road outside the bus station.

Transportation to the City Center by Shuttle

The bus terminal's own private shuttles are free of charge and depart every half hour. Bus companies also provide shuttle services according to bus departure and return times. However, since the shuttles usually arrive at the bus station an hour before the bus departure time, you can spend your time visiting the shops selling souvenirs.

Transportation by Minibuses

When you leave the bus station and cross the street, you can reach the city center and other areas with the minibuses that constantly pass by at the stop where buses and minibuses pass. Minibuses operate until 23:00 at night.
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The main bus companies operating Afyonkarahisar Villa Turizm, Adıyaman Anka, Adıyaman Anka Turizm, Adıyaman Gülaras, Adıyaman Öz Gülaras Turizm, Adiyaman Ünal, Ağrı Kösedağı Turizm, Ağrı Seç Turizm, Ağrı Ses Turizm, Ak Turizm, Aksu Turizm, Alanyalılar Turizm are companies.
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