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BUDO - Bursa Sea Buses - About Burulaş

It is sad to see that maritime transportation has not gained sufficient importance in our country, which is a peninsula. However, sea transportation is provided between Istanbul and Bursa, which has a very frequent passenger traffic in recent years, thanks to BUDO Burulaş.

A quality travel service has also been taken into consideration in maritime transportation, where it is possible to reach Mudanya from many central stops in Istanbul. BUDO, where passengers are very satisfied with the refreshments and service, has been a successful breakthrough for Bursa, which competes with Istanbul in terms of transportation.

If you want to buy a BUDO ticket from our website, you can pay with your credit card and buy your ticket from the vending machines on the pier with your reservation code. You can find out the departure times and other questions from BUDO call center by using the number 444 99 16.

The distance between Istanbul and Bursa, where there are regular reciprocal flights every day, is frequently preferred by those who want to escape from Istanbul and take a breath in Bursa or those who constantly commute between the two cities for business reasons.

BUDO Expeditions and Hours

  • Istanbul (Eminönü) - Bursa (Mudanya)
  • Bursa (Mudanya) - Istanbul (Eminönü)
  • Istanbul (Büyükçekmece) - Bursa (Mudanya)
  • Bursa (Mudanya) - Istanbul (Büyükçekmece)
  • Armutlu İhlas - Bursa (Mudanya)
  • Bursa (Mudanya) - Armutu İhlas
  • Armutlu İhlas - Istanbul (Eminönü)
  • Istanbul (Eminönü) - Armutlu İhlas
  • Istanbul (Büyükçekmee) - Avşa Island
  • Istanbul (Büyükçekmece) - Marmara Island
  • Istanbul (Büyükçekmece) - Erdek
BUDO Burulaş flights departing from Mudanya are organized twice a day, in the morning and in the evening, for Büyükçekmece, Eminönü, Armutlu and Armutlu Holiday Village stops.

If there is no adverse weather conditions, cancellation of flights is out of the question. However, according to the official statement, flights may be canceled due to snowfall or fog.

BUDO, which has created a good impression with its offerings and service since the day it was put into service, does not cause any negative situations other than the trouble caused by not finding the same seat when buying tickets and boarding.

BUDO, which has the capacity to carry more passengers every day, makes sea transportation between 3 cities easier and more accessible with its Istanbul and Yalova stops.

When was BUDO Founded?

BUDO, which was put into service by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality in 2013, was established to offer another option other than İDO. This sea bus network, established within BURULAŞ , the transportation center of Bursa, first emerged with the Kabataş services.

However, since Kabataş was closed due to construction works, its stops have changed and in the summer months, trips to Istanbul (Kabataş)-Erdek, Istanbul (Kabataş)-Marmara Island and Istanbul (Kabataş)-Avşa, Istanbul (Büyükada)-Bursa (Mudanya) are operated.

There are flights to Armutlu Holiday Village and Eminönü, Büyükçekmece throughout the year. Sometimes, because there is a lot of traffic in the summer months, additional flights are added.

Sea Buses

There are currently 6 sea buses within BUDO. These:
  • Nilüfer Hatun,
  • Hudavendigar,
  • Yildirim Beyazit,
  • Uludag,
  • Emir Sultan,
  • These are Akşemsettin ships.
The ship named Conkbayırı was also rented. No other route other than the Marmara Sea is used for BUDO voyages, where the number of stops increases and the number of ships increases.

With this intercity maritime transportation service, which emerged due to the intense demands of the citizens, a passenger traffic consisting of frequent trips back and forth between the cities of Bursa and Istanbul has been observed.


Bursa Transportation - Mass Transportation Management Tourism Industry and Trade Inc., which was established in partnership with Bursa Metropolitan Municipality in 1998. It has started to make a name for itself with the investments it has made in different transportation sectors since the day it was founded. BUDO was established in 2013 to gain a foothold in maritime transportation between Bursa and Istanbul and became a rival to İDO.
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