Where to Eat in Istanbul?

There are many options for where to eat in Istanbul. Istanbul is a city famous for its various flavors as well as its historical and cultural texture. There are restaurants, cafes and street foods where you can taste different flavors in every part of the city. Come on, let's see where and what to eat in Istanbul . There are many options to eat, especially in central districts such as Beyoğlu, Kadıköy, Beşiktaş, Fatih and Taksim.

There are many different restaurants and cafes in the Cezayir Street, Istiklal Street and Galata area in Beyoğlu. In Kadıköy, streets such as Bağdat Street, Moda Street and Bahariye Street offer delicious food and cafes.
​In the Sultanahmet area of ​​Fatih, restaurants where you can taste Ottoman cuisine, especially Sultanahmet Meatballs, stand out. In Taksim, there are restaurants serving Turkish cuisine as well as international cuisine. In Beşiktaş, middle eastern cuisine and seafood restaurants stand out.
Local street delicacies in Istanbul include many different options such as simit , stuffed mussels , fish and bread , döner , lahmacun , meatballs with pita , wet hamburger , kokoreç and tantuni .

If you go to Üsküdar, do not leave without stopping by Kanlıca and eating Kanlıca yoghurt.
In summary, depending on what you want to eat in Istanbul, there are many options throughout the city. You can try the rich cuisine and flavors of Istanbul by exploring restaurants, cafes and street delicacies in different districts of the city. Don't stay away from these flavors by coming to Istanbul with an Istanbul flight ticket or Istanbul bus ticket .

Here is the List of Where to Eat in Istanbul

Istanbul is one of the largest and most touristic cities in Turkey and is famous for its rich food culture. You can find many delicious dishes in Istanbul, but here are some of my suggestions. Istanbul is famous for the richness and diversity of Turkish cuisine. Istanbul cuisine bears the influence of both Anatolian and Ottoman food cultures. You can find many delicious dishes such as seafood, meat dishes, desserts and appetizers in Istanbul. Here are some of the famous flavors of Istanbul;


You can find many different types of kebabs in Istanbul. The most popular ones include döner , shish kebab and Iskender kebab , Patlıcan kebab , Adana kebab . You can find these delicious dishes in many restaurants.


fish and bread
Since Istanbul is located on the seashore, it offers fresh and delicious fish dishes. Fish varieties such as shrimp, sea bass, sea bream, horse mackerel and anchovy are famous. Fish restaurants on the Bosphorus can be especially preferred. One of the most special places for Balık Ekmek is the fishing boats in Eminönü.

Wet Hamburger

wet hamburger
A truly unique taste. Especially the ones in Taksim Square are the oldest. It's not one of those burgers that are overdone and have a lot of stuff in them. A wonderfully delicious meatball and hamburger buns soaked with tomato paste sauce underneath and on top. If you haven't eaten it before, it is a completely different food and you should definitely try it. The most famous place for Wet Hamburger is Taksim Median.


Meze , one of the indispensable flavors of Turkish cuisine, includes many small plates. Appetizers with varieties such as hummus, eggplant salad, şakşuka, köpoğlu, haydari, potato salad with yoghurt, spicy paste and roasted pepper salad are served before the meal or with the main course. There are places that are famous only for their appetizers.


Mantı is a traditional dish of Turkish cuisine and is served in many restaurants in Istanbul. Ravioli are small pieces of dough containing a meat mixture and are usually served with yoghurt and garlic butter sauce. There are various types of manti with different features.


Döner is one of the most popular dishes in Istanbul. Doner kebab, prepared by neatly arranging small pieces of beef or lamb, is cooked as it is turned and served in thin slices. The most famous döner restaurants include Dönerci Şahin Usta in Taksim and Metet in Üsküdar.

Iskender kebab

Iskender kebab
Although Iskender kebab is a famous dish of Bursa, it is also very popular in Istanbul. Thinly sliced ​​lamb meat is served with butter and tomato sauce and poured with yoghurt.


Lahmacun is a dish popular in many parts of Turkey. Minced meat, tomato, onion, pepper and spice mixture is placed on a thin layer of dough and baked. Lahmacun is usually served with lemon and parsley. If the filling of lahmacun is delicious and the dough is crispy and pliable, we can say that it is really well made.

Pickles and Pickle Juice

pickles and pickle juice
It is a food and drink that dates back many years. It is one of the indispensable tastes of Turkish cuisine and Istanbul is one of the important centers of this taste. In Istanbul's historical districts, streets and markets, we often encounter shopkeepers selling pickles and pickle juice made from different vegetables. You can even find pickles and juice made from anything you can think of.
Istanbul's pickle culture dates back to the Ottoman Empire and is still maintained today. The most preferred pickle types in Istanbul include vegetables such as cabbage, cucumber, pepper, tomato, eggplant, beet and carrot. These vegetables are prepared with special recipes by combining pickle juice with different spices and salt.

Kanlıca Yoghurt

bloody kneaded
It is known that this yoghurt differs from other yoghurt types with its dense consistency and slightly sour taste. Kanlıca Yoghurt has an important place in terms of both health and taste. With its high protein, calcium and probiotic content, it supports intestinal health and provides the nutrients necessary for the body. At the same time, since it has a denser structure than other types of yoghurt, it adds more flavor to meals and provides a feeling of fullness for a longer time.

What would Istanbul be without dessert? Of course not

There are some special desserts that you may have tasted with the same name, but when you eat them in the right place, you start to hear the words "this is it". Istanbul has the right places for many desserts. Now let's talk about some important desserts and where you can eat them.


Baklava , a dessert from Turkish cuisine, is also very popular in Istanbul. Almonds or walnuts are placed between thin layers of dough, mixed with syrup and baked. For a fresh and delicious baklava, you can choose the patisseries in the historical districts of Istanbul. Some popular places serving baklavas include Karaköy Güllüoğlu, Hafız Mustafa, Sarıyer Börekçisi and Gaziantepli Baklavacılar. We can recommend Karaköy as the region where you can eat the best baklava.

Mesir Paste

mesir paste
It is a paste prepared from a mixture of Turkish medicinal plants since the time of the Ottoman Empire. There are nearly 40 herbs and spices in the paste, and due to the different properties of these plants, Mesir Paste has been used in the treatment of various diseases in traditional Turkish medicine.
The name of Mesir Paste comes from Manisa's Mesir Red Tower, where the paste was first prepared. Ottoman Emperor II. This paste, which was used in the treatment of Murad, attracted the attention of the public and became widespread with a festival celebrated as Mesir Feast.
It is especially used for the treatment of diseases such as flu and cold. It can also be used to treat many different ailments such as digestive problems, fatigue, and nervous disorders. The properties of the spices and herbs contained in the paste can also be used to increase the effect of drugs used in the treatment of these disorders.


Pudding is one of the most popular desserts of Turkish cuisine and is among the most popular desserts in Istanbul. This delicious dessert is prepared by combining kadayıf, string cheese and sugar and has a delicious taste. In Istanbul, pudding can be found in many different places, from historical places to modern cafes.
Especially, the pudding shops located in districts such as Kadıköy, Eminönü and Karaköy are among the most famous dessert places in Istanbul. String cheese, one of Turkey's local delicacies, is also an ingredient used in the preparation of pudding and creates an elongated appearance when sliced. Pudding is a part of Istanbul's cultural heritage and is enjoyed and consumed by Istanbulites of all ages.


Istanbul's most famous kunefe shops are located especially in districts such as Fatih, Beyoğlu and Üsküdar. Künefe is prepared by combining kadayıf, cheese and sherbet and has a delicious taste. Künefe has a special cheese. Kunefe, which is a part of Istanbul's cultural heritage, is one of the taste stops visited by both local and foreign tourists.

We Didn't Forget the Beverages Identified with Istanbul

These are just a few examples, you can find many delicious food types in Istanbul. In addition, beverages such as Turkish coffee, salep, tea and ayran are frequently consumed in Istanbul.

Turkish Coffee on the Sand

coffee in the sand
Thanks to the special preparation of Turkish coffee and the warmth of the sand, the taste and aroma of the coffee becomes more intense. This coffee pleasure, which is a part of Istanbul's historical and cultural heritage, is offered in the most beautiful places of Istanbul, accompanied by Istanbul views. The feature of making coffee in sand is that the coffee is cooked slowly. This way, you can drink a wonderful coffee with all its taste and aroma. Turkish coffee is served with different cooking methods and serving methods.


Mırra is a traditional Turkish drink and part of Istanbul's cultural heritage. Prepared by grinding coffee beans into powder and cooking them in a coffee pot, this drink tastes similar to Turkish coffee but has a lighter aroma. It has more density and a darker color than the Turkish coffee we know. It is especially made in copper coffee pots and served with copper alembics.


This fermented beverage is prepared by combining corn flour and sugar and has a thick consistency. Different recipes include thick bulgur or millet, water, rice, fresh yeast, granulated sugar, warm milk, roasted chickpea and cinnamon. It is a drink that can be consumed cold or hot. However, boza sellers generally serve it hot. Boza is a part of Istanbul's cultural heritage and adds a special richness to Turkish cuisine with its taste.


Salep is a traditional drink of Turkish cuisine and one of the most popular flavors in Istanbul. This drink is prepared by combining salep powder, milk and sugar and is usually consumed during the winter months. In Istanbul, salep is served hot, especially by street vendors, and is often served with cinnamon. Salep is a part of Istanbul's cultural heritage and is frequently consumed, especially in cafes on the Bosphorus. The taste and aroma of this drink is ideal for warming people up on the cold winter days in Istanbul.


It is prepared with a mixture of turnip , pickle juice, carrot and turnip juice and usually has a bitter taste. In Istanbul, turnip is one of the street delicacies and is consumed especially with red meat dishes. Spicy turnip is definitely recommended, especially if you don't have a problem with bitterness.
The difference between turnip juice and pickle juice is that it is more aromatic and especially spicy. Pickle juice is lighter than turnip and can be pickled from different ingredients, but turnip is unique. A cold and bitter turnip will bring you to your senses.

Buttermilk Ayran

This drink is obtained by churning yoghurt with a special method and is prepared by adding water and salt. Buttermilk is preferred because it is a healthy drink and has the benefits of fermented milk products.
Buttermilk is served as a traditional drink in cafes and restaurants in the historical districts of Istanbul. Its difference from normal ayran is that it is made by shaking with a wooden shaking device called a churn and the yoghurt is more sour and mineral-rich.

Ottoman Sherbet

ottoman sherbet
Let's make the finale with an ancient and traditional aroma. Ottoman sherbet attracts attention with its unique sellers. These sherbet sellers, who sell cultural clothes on the streets with large pitchers on their backs, always manage to serve them cold.
Old sherbets made with honey, rose and vinegar would both quench our thirst and prevent diseases. Nowadays, the main ingredients of Ottoman sherbet are vine or red plum, water, lemon, sugar, cloves, cinnamon and ginger. Even thinking about these together can be good for the flu.

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22 September 2023
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