Izmir is one of the most important cultural and tourism centers of Turkey. This beautiful city is famous for its delicious food as well as its historical and natural beauties. You can find food for every taste in Izmir. Seafood, appetizers, meat, desserts and more...

what to eat in izmir

What to Eat in Izmir? Which Foods Are Famous?

Some of the must-try flavors in Izmir are: The most famous foods of Izmir are boyoz, gevrek (street bagel), lokma, kumru, izmir meatballs, izmir bomb, söğüş, şevketi bostan, şambali dessert. Of course, Izmir, the pearl of the Aegean region, which has many different famous foods, has many more important dishes, but these are the most famous ones. Let's look at the details of what to eat in Izmir.

  1. Boyoz

    Boyoz is a pastry that resembles puff pastry and spreads easily. Boyoz, the most famous food of Izmir, has become a symbol for Izmir. Boyoz, which comes in two types, oily and lean, is consumed especially with boiled eggs with black pepper. Boyoz, which is especially preferred for breakfast, leaves an unforgettable mark on the palate with the unique structure of its dough. Just like kumru and gevrek, you can also find boyozu in street bagel shops.
  2. Crispy

    Gevrek is the popular name for bagel in Izmir. However, it is said that there is a difference between crisp and simit. It is a little sweeter and crispier than the crisp bagel. So, to give an example, we can say that it is something between a patisserie bagel and a stone oven bagel. Additionally, different construction methods have emerged. While it can be filled with cheese or chocolate, you can also add tomatoes, peppers, etc. to the street vendors.
  3. Bite

    Lokma is prepared by frying the dough and served with sherbet. Lokma is usually made and distributed during Ramadan. Of course, if lokma is being scattered on a street in Izmir, someone may have passed away. After the death, a lokma counter is set up in front of the house to be distributed to the whole neighborhood for good deeds. Lokma is made with flour, water, salt and yeast. The dough is cut into round shapes and fried in hot oil. The fried donuts are placed in a container with sherbet and soaked in sherbet. Lokma is served hot.
  4. Şevketi Bostan

    Şevketi garden
    Şevketi bostan dish is a dish widely consumed in the Aegean region of Turkey, especially in Izmir. Şevketi is a plant from the spinach family and can be cooked with olive oil, meat or chicken. Şevketi vegetable garden dish is both delicious and healthy. Şevketi vegetable dish is made with spinach, leek, pepper, tomato, onion, olive oil, salt, black pepper and meat or chicken as desired. Şevketi vegetable gardens are sorted, washed and finely chopped. Other ingredients are also chopped and added to the pot. Cover the pot and cook over low heat. When the Şevketi vegetable gardens become soft, they are removed from the stove and served hot.
  5. Izmir Bomb

    izmir bomb
    Izmir bomb is one of the most famous desserts of Izmir. Izmir bomb is a type of dessert made with a thin round dough and chocolate hazelnut cream. Izmir bomb is usually made in a small, round shape and filled with chocolate sauce. Izmir bomb is a type of dessert that is both delicious and popular. Izmir bomb was invented by Çelebi Unlu Mamulleri, one of the oldest patisseries in Izmir. Çelebi Unlu Mamulleri is located in Konak district of Izmir. Izmir bomb was first made by Çelebi Unlu Mamulleri in 1980. Izmir bomb became very popular in Izmir in a short time. Izmir bomb is sold in many cities of Turkey today.
  6. cold cuts

    cold cuts
    Izmir cold cuts are one of the most famous street delicacies of Izmir. Izmir cold cuts are made from finely chopped lamb head, brain, tongue and cheek meat. Söğüş is usually served wrapped in lavash bread. Cold cuts are both delicious and nutritious. Izmir söğüş is very popular in the Kemeraltı district of Izmir. There are many cold cuts in the Kemeraltı district. Söğüşçüler is generally open from early morning until late at night.
  7. Shambali Dessert

    shambali dessert
    Şambali is one of the famous desserts of Izmir. Şambali, a sherbet dessert, is made from yoghurt, semolina, flour and eggs. The dessert is usually baked in the oven and poured with sherbet. Shambali is a soft and delicious dessert and is especially preferred in summer months. Şambali can be found in many places in Izmir. The dessert is usually sold in pastry shops and street vendors. Shambali is loved by both Turkish and foreign tourists.
  8. Izmir meatball

    Izmir meatball
    Izmir meatballs are a type of meatballs widely consumed in the Izmir province of Turkey. Izmir meatballs are made with ground beef or lamb, onion, breadcrumbs, parsley, egg, salt and pepper. Meatballs are made into small, oval shapes and fried in hot oil. Izmir meatballs are usually served with bread or rice. Of course, it can also be made as a stew with roasted peppers and tomatoes. Izmir meatballs can be found in many places in Izmir. Izmir meatballs are generally sold in meatball restaurants, kebab shops and restaurants. Izmir meatballs are loved by both Turkish and foreign tourists.
  9. Dove

    In fact, Kumru is a famous street delicacy of Izmir, bought from street vendors instead of breakfast. Kumru is prepared by putting olive oil, cheese, tomatoes, olives and salami into bread. However, almost all of Türkiye calls it Izmir Kumrusu, salami, sausage, etc. The delicatessen recognizes its sandwich as kumru. It is a type of sandwich specific to Izmir. Ingredients such as soudjouk, pastrami and sausage are added into a bagel-like bread. It is usually served with hot peppers and tomatoes.
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