Tahtalı Mountain Olympos Paragliding Ticket

 Antalya - Türkiye


Paragliding tickets from the skirts of Tahtalı Olympos Mountain are on BIlet.com.

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Tahtalı Mountain Olympos Paragliding Ticket Options

  • Paragliding + Cable Car + Transfer (Non TC Citizens)
    8,835.00 TL
  • Paragliding + Cable Car + Transfer (TR Citizen)
    4,417.50 TL

About Tahtalı Mountain Olympos Paragliding

For our guests who want to join our tour, our shuttle departs from BELEK-ANTALYA-BELDİBİ-Göynük-KEMER regions. Olympos Tahtalı Mountain is the world's highest altitude paragliding facility with an altitude of 2365 meters. Tandem paragliding activity on Antalya Tahtalı Mountain (Olympos) takes you with a breathtaking view of the Mediterranean's Ancient Cities, untouched natural beauties within the borders of Beydağları National Parks. We offer you the best of Adrali for 45 minutes with a 10-minute cable car ride with the best Tandem pilots. At the end of our flight, we get into our vehicles and drop you off at the points we picked up.

Flight Timing;

The following departure and landing times can be accommodated when weather conditions are stable.
If the weather is not suitable for take-off, it is possible that there will be a delay in the departure time and therefore a delay in the landing time.

Article 1: Mutual Rights and Obligations

  • All kinds of video-photography and tandem flight souvenirs are subject to separate prices.
  • Escape will not offer any compensation requested by Guests in the event of flight delay or cancellation.
  • If the ticket sold to the guest is canceled by the guest, this ticket cannot be transferred to another guest.
  • If our guests under the age of 18 come alone on a tandem flight, they must have permission from their families.

Article 3: General conditions for guests

Weight Limit:
Maximum 110 kg for men
Maximum 90 kg for women

height limit:
up to 200 cm

Age limit:
At least 4 years old

Conditions 4 :
It is not suitable for guests to fly if they have health problems such as heart disease, respiratory disease, mental health problems, seizures, epilepsy, or if the guest is pregnant.
Guests are kindly requested to wear appropriate running shoes. All other necessary equipment will be provided.

Total flight time 5:
Flight time is not guaranteed. Flight duration depends on wind, thermals and may vary depending on total passenger weight. A person weighing 75 kg can fly for about 35 minutes in normal weather conditions. Maximum flight duration is 45 minutes.

Flight Reservation 6:
Since it is a sport dependent on weather conditions, reservations should not be left until the last days of the Guest's holiday in order not to miss the flight opportunity.
Additionally, sometimes flight times cannot be guaranteed due to weather conditions and therefore it is important that Guest flights are not planned for a tight or limited time in the holiday schedule.

Landing area 7:
Tahtalı 2365m landing area is on Tekirova public beach. For groups flying from the same hotel in Tekirova, Escape may try to land at their hotel's beach. However, landing on the hotel's beach cannot be guaranteed.


Adress: Tahtalı Dağı Yamaç Paraşütü Kemer/Antalya

Ticket prices

Ticket Type Ticket Type Price
Paragliding + Cable Car + Transfer (Non TC Citizens) Person 8,835.00 TL
Paragliding + Cable Car + Transfer (TR Citizen) Person 4,417.50 TL

Tahtalı Mountain Olympos Paragliding Ticket FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

You can buy the Tahtalı Mountain Olympos Paragliding ticket by choosing from the list of events with options and filling in your information.
Tickets for Tahtalı Mountain Olympos Paragliding are sold at prices starting from 4,417.5 TL.
The PNR number is a special code assigned to each ticket. It consists of a series of numbers and letters containing your information and reservation details.
If the dates on which you purchased the Tahtalı Mountain Olympos Paragliding ticket are fixed, it is only valid between those dates. If your Tahtalı Mountain Olympos Paragliding ticket is valid until …, it can be used until that date.
On the purchase screen of the Tahtalı Mountain Olympos Paragliding ticket, you can see the price list of discount options for children, disabled, over 65, infants and students.
You can look at the location on the map on the middle right side of the screen where you bought the Tahtalı Mountain Olympos Paragliding ticket, or you can go to the address at the time of your ticket by typing the address information written in the mail and sms content received after purchasing it into your map applications.

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