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Istanbulkart FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

You can create your instruction by selecting the Istanbulkart number you want to upload and the amount to be uploaded, and paying by credit or debit card
The 16-digit number on the front of your Istanbulkart is the card alias and the 14-digit number starting with 04 on the back is the card serial number. Both of these numbers can be used for loading.
No, your instruction has not yet been transferred to your card. You can use card filling machines (Biletmatik) at Metro/Metrobus stops, card readers at smart stops, card readers at Istanbulkart dealers, or card readers on buses to physically load the money from the loading instruction into your Istanbulkart.
Card readers inside Metro and Metrobus are offline readers only used to charge fees. From these readers, "instruction load process" cannot be performed.
Currently, monthly subscription installation cannot be performed.