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What is reservation number (PNR)?

Reservation number (PNR) allows you to easily access to your previously booked or purchased tickets.

What can be done with the PNR number?

You can view the details of the flight you have previously reserved or purchased by filling out the reservation number (PNR) and your last name boxes on the booking process screen, and you can buy the flight tickets you reserved before.

Important Warnings for Flights

In domestic flights; The passenger must be at the airport 90 (ninety) minutes before the scheduled departure time. International flights; passenger should be at the airport at latest 3 (three) hours before the scheduled departure time. Passengers who do not comply with these terms lose all rights to that flight.

Reservation, ticketing, cancellation and change of tickets purchased by is made by Akdeniz Petur Tourism (IATA Code: 8822861), unless specifically stated during the purchase.