Online Check-in

What is Online Check-in?

Online check-in, check-in required for passengers to buy flight tickets is a service that allows them to perform their transactions from the internet. Who can use online check-in? All passengers who buy their tickets can use this service on all flights that are open to online check-in.

When you can do Online Check-in?

Online check-in time varies by airline. Online check-in time, usually 24 hours before the flight, lasts up to 90 minutes before the flight.

How Online Check-in can be done?

For online check-in, passengers are required to book their purchased tickets (PNR) with their first and last name, and online check-in. After clicking the button, the passengers will be directed to the page of the airline they are going to fly. Our passengers can complete online check-in, and can choose from the seating plan of the plane. It should be noted, however, that some airlines require extra fees for seat selection.