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Kıbrıs Journeys

Girne Feribot Bileti

Girne Feribot Bileti 155 TL'den itibaren

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Mağusa Feribot Bileti

Mağusa Feribot Bileti 175 TL'den itibaren

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Akgünler Denizcilik
Akgünler Feribot Bileti

Akgünler Feribot Bileti 100 TL'den itibaren

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Filo Denizcilik
Filo Denizcilik Bileti

Filo Denizcilik Feribot Bileti 100 TL'den itibaren

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Cyprus Ticket FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Yes, you can travel with your identity card as per the roaming agreement between TR and TRNC. Passport is only required if you are the driver of the vehicle. (border crossing document for soldiers) However, you must not exceed the tourist visa period issued when entering the country.
Drivers who will exit by car are with them; Valid Passport (for civilian passengers) OR Border Crossing Document (for military personnel), If the drivers of the vehicles do not own the vehicle, a valid Power of Attorney given to the driver from the vehicle owner, If the vehicle is mortgaged to the bank, the Overseas Exit permit to be obtained from the relevant bank, Delivery Order to be issued to you by Filo Denizcilik Must have TRNC Compulsory Traffic Insurance (can also be done at the port when entering the TRNC) documents.