Where to Visit in Ankara? Ankara Travel Guide

Ankara, the capital of Turkey, is a city worth seeing with its historical, cultural and natural riches. Places to visit in Ankara include important historical and cultural places such as Anıtkabir, Anatolian Civilizations Museum, Rahmi M. Koç Museum, Ulucanlar Prison Museum, MTA Şehit Cuma Dağ Natural History Museum. In addition, Ankara is home to natural beauties such as Eymir Lake, Mogan Lake and Soğuksu National Park.

Come on, where to visit in Ankara together? let's see. Here are the places to visit in Ankara.

Travel guide where to visit in Ankara

Where to Visit in Ankara? Travel Guide List

Ankara is one of the most important historical cities of Turkey. The city has hosted many civilizations such as Hittite, Phrygian, Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman. For this reason, there are many historical places to visit in Ankara.


Anıtkabir Atatürk and War of Independence Museum
Of course, Anıtkabir comes first. Anıtkabir, the mausoleum of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, is one of the most important cultural and touristic destinations in Ankara. When you look at the Monument block from the ceremony area of Anıtkabir, the museum known as Anıtkabir Atatürk Museum was opened on June 21, 1960, from the entrance gate of the National Pact Tower on the right. You can visit Anıtkabir at affordable prices by purchasing an Ankara bus ticket .

In line with the project prepared by the Anıtkabir Command in 2001, it was decided to add a large hall of approximately 3 thousand square meters to the museum, located under the hall of honor where Atatürk's mausoleum and related items are exhibited. With the implementation of this project, the museum exhibition area reached 5 thousand 200 square meters. The museum, which was opened with a state ceremony on 26 August 2002 with the newly added sections, has since been named the Ataturk and War of Independence Museum .

Anatolian Civilizations Museum

Museum Of Anatolian Civilization
Reflecting the rich cultural history of Anatolia, the Anatolian Civilizations Museum is one of the most important museums in the world. The Museum of Anatolian Civilizations consists of two Ottoman buildings that have been given a new function, located outside the southeast wall of Ankara Castle in the Ulus district of Ankara. One of these buildings is Mahmut Pasha Bedesten and the other is Kurşunlu Inn.

The Museum of Anatolian Civilizations, which has survived to the present day with its historical artifacts and history dating back to ancient times, was chosen first among 68 museums in Lausanne, Switzerland, on April 19, 1997, and won the title of "Museum of the Year in Europe".

Rahmi M. Koç Museum

Ankara Rahmi Koç Museum
Focusing on industrial and transportation history, Rahmi M. Koç Museum offers an entertaining and educational experience for children and adults. Ankara Rahmi M. Koç Museum , located right opposite the main entrance gate of Ankara Castle, was opened to visitors in 2005. Rahmi M. Koç Museum, Ankara's first industrial museum, consists of two main sections: Çengelhan and Safranhan, which are historical caravanserais.

Safranhan was built in 1511 and was used as a typical Anatolian caravanserai. The inn, which served as a prison in the last periods of the Ottoman Empire and the first years of the Republic of Turkey, was opened to visitors as a part of the museum after restoration works that lasted until 2016.

Ulucanlar Prison Museum

ulucanlar prison museum
Ulucanlar Prison Museum, one of the oldest prisons in Turkey, is a historical and cultural value. Ulucanlar Prison was built in Ankara in 1925 and operated until 2006. The prison, which was moved to Sincan Prison and closed in 2006, was restored by Altındağ Municipality and turned into a museum in 2011.

Ulucanlar Prison Museum provides information about the lives, personal belongings and difficulties they experienced in prison of journalists, writers, poets and politicians who were imprisoned for 81 years for their political opinions. This information is conveyed to visitors through documents, photographs and objects exhibited in the courtyards of the museum.

Mine Trigger Exploration Şehit Cuma Dağ Natural History Museum

mine trigger search martyr Friday mountain natural history museum
Showcasing Turkey's natural riches, MTA Şehit Cuma Dağ Natural History Museum is an ideal destination for nature lovers. It is Turkey's first and largest natural history museum. It was established by the General Directorate of Mineral Research and Exploration on February 7, 1968, to exhibit and protect the samples collected during the field studies of the institution. The museum continues to serve in its new building built within the campus.

Fossil, rock, mineral and mineral samples reflecting natural history are collected from Turkey and various parts of the world and exhibited in the museum. On the ground floor of the three-storey museum, visitors can travel into space, get to know the planets of the solar system closely, and examine moon rocks, lightning rocks and meteorites.

Ankara Castle

Ankara Castle
Ankara Castle, one of the most important historical buildings of Ankara, offers a panoramic view of the city. The history of the castle dates back to the 5th century BC and has hosted different civilizations throughout this period. The castle underwent various repairs and additions during the Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman periods.

Ankara Castle is an important structure that reflects the history and culture of Ankara. The castle is located on a hill in the center of the city, making it possible to see the past and present of the city together. Inside the castle, ruins and artifacts from different civilizations are exhibited.

Kuğulu Park

swan park
Kuğulu Park, one of the most beautiful parks in Ankara, is a popular destination for visitors, especially on weekends. Kuğulu Park, located in the Kavaklıdere district of Ankara, is one of the most popular parks in the city. The most important feature of the park is the swans swimming in the pool. Swans roam freely in the park, offering visitors a delightful view. The park also has a children's playground and cafeteria.

Located in the center of Ankara, Kuğulu Park is one of the most beautiful parks in the city. The park's magnificent nature and swans attract the attention of visitors from outside the city. People of Ankara also visit the park to relieve stress and be in touch with nature.

War of Independence Museum

liberation war museum
The first Turkish Grand National Assembly building was planned to be built as a club building in Ankara by the Committee of Union and Progress in 1915. The project was prepared by Evkaf (Foundations Administration) architect Salim Bey, on the orders of Enver Pasha. The task of carrying out the project was given to Mahmut Şevket (Esendal) Bey, the Ankara representative of the Party of Union and Progress at the time. The construction of the project was given to military architect Hasip Bey, who was working in the Corps.

Hasip Bey successfully completed the foundation and walls of the building, but the roof and other sections were left unfinished due to the ongoing war and material shortage. Architect Hasip Bey was also martyred during the War of Independence.

Soguksu National Park

Soguksu National Park
Soğuksu National Park, located in Kızılcahamam district of Ankara, is an area of natural beauty where forest, mountain and water landscapes integrate. The park is rich in wildlife as well as tree species such as larch, Scots pine, fir and hornbeam.

Lake Eymir

eymir lake
Eymir Lake, located in Çankaya district of Ankara, is one of the most important natural beauties of the city. The lake is one of the two largest lakes of Ankara, together with Lake Mogan. Eymir Lake is an ideal place for activities such as hiking, cycling, canoeing and fishing.

Gölbaşı Park Mogan Lake

lakebaşı park mogan lake
Mogan Lake, one of the largest lakes in Ankara, is an ideal place for activities such as picnics, camping and water sports. Mogan Lake, located on the Konya road, near Ankara, is one of the most popular recreation areas in the city. Beaches, casinos, restaurants and coffeehouses on the lake shore satisfy the sea longing of Ankara residents during the summer months.

Mogan Lake is an ideal place for both swimming and boating with its swimming pool on the shore and favorable water conditions. Mogan Park around the lake is an area preferred by Ankara residents for picnics, spending time in nature and having fun.


Beypazari Ankara
Beypazarı, one of the historically and culturally important districts of Ankara, stands out with its houses reflecting traditional Turkish architecture. Also Beypazarı; It is a cultural complex district where you can find places such as Beypazarı Living Museum , Beypazarı Anatolian Open Air Museum Living Village , Beypazarı City History Museum , Beypazarı Turkish Bath Museum , Beypazarı Living Museum and Beypazarı History and Culture Museum .

You can check and learn the details of many other travel destinations athttps://www.kulturportali.gov.tr/turkiye/genel/gezecekyer/?etiket=ankara .
12 October 2023
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